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1 year ago

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Job Description

We’re seeking a TypeScript front-end engineer to build SaaS and a VS Code UI for our popular machine learning tools: DVC (7000+ ⭐on GitHub) and CML (2000+ ⭐ on GitHub).

No prior knowledge of ML or Data Science is required.

The ML tools ecosystem is what JS space was 10 years ago: there’s a clear need for better tools, frameworks, and open standards. ITERATIVE is already a well known company in this fast-evolving space with a big, engaged open-source community. Please consider joining our remote-first team if you love open-source, if you’re interested in building dev tools and simplifying the lives of many, many developers in ML.

The project - We’re making a UI for DVC and CML. Think GitHub and/or popular Git extensions for VS Code - like GitLens. VS Code UI will be open sourced and will become part of your public profile! If you have experience with dev tools like GitHub, UI plugins for Git, etc., you should already have some sense what the project is like.

lThe tech - Our stack includes TypeScript, Node, React, and Python.

The compensation - Highly competitive salary, stock options, and bonuses.


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Iterative builds popular open source and enterprise products to manage and operationalize ML models, datasets, and experiments.

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