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5 months ago

PatientPal makes the hardest parts of running a healthcare practice easy. With our end-to-end front desk solution powered by robotic process automation, we integrate seamlessly and easily into any health care practice to provide a 21st-century patient and practitioner experience. We are changing the game in healthcare software, and we need help.
We’re currently looking for great engineers and developers who want to join a passionate team and make a difference in healthcare. PatientPal is growing rapidly and we are looking to bring on additional senior engineering talent.
About the JobAt PatientPal, we are growing quickly. We are looking to add top engineering talent and with the help of a capable senior engineer we know we can grow even quicker. This person will help PatientPal offer new functionality and onboard clients more efficiently. Ideal candidates will have experience with our technology stack, be an outstanding developer, be curious and thoughtful to bring new ideas to the product and healthcare industry, be self-directed, able to work collaboratively on complex solutions and architecture, and have strong communication skills in English. As a senior engineer on the team, you’ll work closely with the CTO and product owners to architect new features and work on building out new functionality both independently and with the assistance of indeterminate and junior engineering team members.
Our platform is built using Angular, TypeScript, Serverless, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Docker, S3, and Puppeteer.

Primary responsibilities include:
  • Working to integrate partners into our platform, which will require working with external teams and collaborators, APIs of varying technologies and augmenting integrations when APIs are not available via indirect integration methods such as RPA, HL7, and dump files. PatientPal’s platform relies on a robust ETL process that is used by all our integrations.
  • Full-stack development, including contributing features and improvements to client-facing applications.

An ideal candidate will have experience with some of the following:
  • We are completely serverless. Relying on modern FaaS, we scale instantly and maintain a low operating cost. Experience with Lambda, DynamoDB, or similar technologies is a plus.
  • We are HIPAA compliant. This requires training and requires us to handle data securely. We provide training, but experience or knowledge in encryption, network security, information assurance is a plus.
  • We integrate with a lot of services. Rather than recreate, we integrate. We work with lots of APIs, services, and medical industry protocols that will jar the mind of most modern developers. Experience using deprecated APIs, working with difficult integrations that lack documentation, or direct experience with using medical industry standards such as HL7, FHIR, CDA, CCD, X12, DICOM, EDI, and similar protocols is a plus.
  • We innovate on healthcare integrations. There are many times we are unable to integrate with traditional methods and PatientPal has pioneered the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to power integrations. Experience with RPA, UiPath, Puppeteer, and similar technologies is a plus.
  • We build great user experiences. The frontend applications are in Angular. Experience with Angular or similar frontend frameworks is a plus.
  • We are accessible to all patients. PatientPal cares about the patient experience. Experience building international, multilingual, and highly accessible applications is a plus.
  • We rely on high quality, self-tested work. We do not have a QA team, but we have a lot of automated testing. Experience writing unit tests, end-to-end tests, and testing your work is a plus.
  • We are a distributed, fully remote team. Experience working remotely is a plus.

The ideal candidate should:
  • Be passionate about their work above all else. It's okay to mess up, but it's important to own it, grow, and be better for the future.
  • Be able to work across all aspects of the application, from the database and indexes, backend code, testing, and the frontend. This is a full-stack role, where you’ll contribute to every aspect of the service. If work needs to be done, then you should be capable of figuring it out.
  • Be capable and interested in learning new things. We don't expect anyone to come in with existing knowledge of every technology we use, so we expect every team member to be capable and interested in learning more, solving problems, and be capable of creating something wonderful.
  • Be capable of self-directed work. While the team maintains priorities, your day-to-day work will have a lot of flexibility. You should be capable of getting your work done without someone checking in with you daily.

Perks of working at PatientPal:
  • Working with an experienced team. Our existing senior engineers have more than 10 years professional experience. Join a team where even a senior engineer will have the opportunity for growth.
  • Work that you can feel good about. We have a clear vision at PatientPal and our mission is to make positive impacts to the healthcare industry.
  • Fully remote. No commute, we care about what you can accomplish, not where you choose to accomplish it from.
  • Competitive pay.
  • Other benefits include health insurance, vision, dental, 6 weeks of time off a year, and more.

Expected salary: $150,000 to $200,000.
About PatientPalPatientPal was built from the inside of a medical office to make the hardest parts of running a healthcare practice easy. Founded by the son of a radiologist who saw first-hand the manual work of intaking patients, hunting down their insurance plans, filing claims and making sure they were paid, PatientPal is an automated and integrated solution that resolves inefficiencies, making a better experience for both practitioners and patients.

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