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what we’re setting out to achieve

We want to play an important role in how the world adapts to it’s ageing population.

Yurtle sells group insurance protection for employees balancing work and unpaid caregiving for a loved one.

In the UK, 6,000 people become family caregivers every day. Our product is sold to employers as a benefit covering the 8m employees caring in the UK. Today, 1 in 4 employees provide unpaid care to family and friends. This is a phenomenon that disproportionately affects women (64% of women are carers) and proliferates workplace gender inequalities. When an employer declares an employee as unable to work through illness, permanent disablement, or death, we cover the cost of and facilitate back-up care.

In an ageing world, where demand for paid professional care outstrips supply, the number of families performing a caregiving role can only increase. By the age of 50, the average person has a 50% chance of becoming a carer. Yurtle allows employers retain, attract, and boost the productivity amidst these challenges. Employees manage today by faking illness, rejecting promotions and additional work. Inaction costs employer £4.8bn every year. 

In addition to the peace of mind and emergency help offered by our insurance, employees are nudged towards building an effective care plan and support network through our app-enabled incentivised wellness network.

We follow the industry’s great disruptors and unbundle to generate outsized customer value. Take, Lemonade. Via renter’s insurance, they created significant value to millennials, and harnessed the boom of the sharing economy. Using accident and sickness cover, we’re creating unprecedented value to unpaid carers, and harnessing global demographic change. Over time, we will grow the value we bring carers outside of insurance.

who we are

We are a new start-up who counts on some of the biggest insurance companies as partners.

The founder, Antonio, is a well-travelled Portuguese millennial, living in London. His experience prior to Yurtle has been in insurance, investment management and innovation consulting. Having launched a start-up previously and been involved in the construction of various, he’s aware of gaps in his knowledge/experience. He is driven by his passion to create a workplace that is compassionate and dynamic.

Aureus Ventures is our tech incubator. To date they have supported us with software development as well as marketing strategy. They have incubated over 6 ventures, with many thriving in market. 

We are also supported by a variety of expert advisors and investors.

why you should join us and what you’ll do

We are a socially minded, commercially versed start-up. Our two aims are to:

  1. Achieve our social mission through our commercial objectives. Our social mission is to help family caregivers live their best, healthy life as carers and employees
  2. Feel proud of the way we achieve it. Our culture is deliberate and paramount

In short, you’re our technical hire and as such will be given the independence and license to make a founder’s impact on the business. Our arrangement with Aureus Ventures for software development services is ending and we are looking to build our in-house engineering team. 

You’ll be accountable for:

  • Maintaining our existing MVP
  • New development as we build the next iteration of our product
  • Recruiting and managing a team of remote, offshore support developers

You’ll be consulted for:

  • Product roadmap
  • Customer journey and experience
  • User research

the help we seek

An experienced full stack developer with a founder’s mentality. Yurtle expects the best quality output from the best individuals. Our culture demands the highest standards.

  1. Non-technical capabilities: Fluent in English. Experience as a first or early hire in a start-up. The culture at Yurtle is one of kindness, compassion, and dynamism.
  2. Technical capabilities: Minimum 4 years’ experience. 
    1. Our tech stack:
      1. Back-end: Laravel PHP and NodeJS
      2. Front-end: Angular and React
      3. MySQL
      4. Maigun
      5. Twillio


An annual salary of £40,000 per annum and generous equity options from our employee option pool.


Flexi-working – minimum hours of overlap required each day but flexibility on start and end times.

hiring process

Aiming to close the vacancy by end of July 2022.

  1. Video interview -- non-technical, values-based interview
  2. Follow on video interview – technical interview
  3. Wrap-up interview and decision

Reach out to antonio@yurtle.co.uk if you are interested!

London, UK
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