Sr Front End Developer


1 month ago

The Company

Originally founded in New York City, The Smart Container Company, a B2B SaaS startup, is now headquartered in the United Kingdom. Our product, KegTracker™ is a disruptive, innovative, first-of-its-kind, patent pending, non-intrusive IoT device for asset tracking with condition monitoring of kegs. Our technology creates transparency in the supply chain, removes bottlenecks, reduces waste, and enables a more sustainable and circular economy.

Leveraging data science and information collected from the containers, we empower breweries, distributors and retailers with real-time reports and insights that help them 1) Make More 2) Save More and 3) Save The Planet.

The Role

We are looking for an energetic person who has a keen eye for UX and can deliver as a competent React web developer. You’ll be leading a challenging project to develop a web application for brewery management software consisting of role based IoT-driven BI reports and other B2B SaaS features. The expected application will have the ability to fetch data from the IoT devices and various ERP data sources with good speed of execution following the presentation and UX guidelines as suggested by the UX designer.

You'll be working alongside the product manager and within the software team you’ll be expected to train the junior team to enhance their web development skills. Additionally, you'll be required to identify and delegate repeatable tasks within the project. The opportunity will allow you to increase the depth of your technical skills as well as grow as a team lead, since you will be responsible for delivering end to end software projects beginning with understanding business requirements to design and development up to final acceptance testing. You will be responsible for maintaining the versions of the software modules. You’ll also guide the team on troubleshooting, code review and documentation.


  1. 4+ years experience in software development
  2. 2+ years of relevant experience with ReactJS, JSX, Redux, npm, nvm, and Node.js
  3. Understanding of REST APIs, AWS lambda and webhooks for fetching data and creating input into the Web Application
  4. Strong foundation in traditional web development and scripting (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)


  1. AWS Data Warehousing experience in IoT applications
  2. Experience developing Web Apps in DOMO or custom Apps on other BI Delivery Enterprise software
  3. Ability to write GraphQL queries.


The candidate may work remotely but must work UK business hours


We have generous Share Option Plan based on performance and experience


Flexible schedule

Work from home

Travel stipend

Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3QW, UK
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