Senior Front End Software Engineer

23 days ago

Remote Senior Front End Software Engineer

At this position, you will be primarily building React-based widgets for existing data models. Down the road, you will also focus on implementing data models as well. You'll be working with React/React MUI library, as well as occasionally HighCharts. Requirements:

  • At least 3 years of experience working with React.js

    • Understanding of how the React component lifecycle works.

    • Experience using React Hooks work

    • Understanding of React as just another framework, and not a pillar of the universe.

  • Understanding the idea of the Observer pattern. Having practical experience of using some of the implementations.

  • Strong understanding of the general principles of Object Oriented Programming (encapsulating the complexity, etc.) 

We work as a close-knit team, which means that other human beings will need to be able to read your code. Thus, we have the following additional requirements: 

  • Your code should be as easy to understand as possible. For example, your identifiers should have meaningful names. You must leave comments and notes in your code. 

  • Styles you write (be it SASS, LESS or CSS) should be as clean as your code is. No useless styles or meaningless selectors.

  • Understanding and following the principle of "least surprise" development.

  • Ability to work within an Agile Development structure. 

The following qualifications are "nice to have" and count for bonus points. 

  • Experience working with React MUI (v.5 preferred)

  • Experience working with HighCharts.

  • Experience using Angular.JS or Angular

  • Experience using React Context API

  • Experience trading

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