Full Stack Engineer (React Native / Node.js)

1 month ago

💪🗣 About BoldVoice

BoldVoice (YC S21) is an AI-powered accent and speech coaching app that empowers the over 500 million non-native English speakers in the global workforce to speak English clearly and confidently, in order to succeed professionally. (TechCrunch feature) (Hacker News feature)

Users spend 15 minutes a day learning new concepts from Hollywood speech coaches, such as how to pronounce tricky sounds, or how to properly use intonation, and then improve their accent skills by going through words, sentences, and conversations with real-time feedback on their accent.

About the role

Tech stack: Expo + React Native (iOS & Android), React (CMS), Node / Express, PostgreSQL

📲 How to Apply:

  • Download BoldVoice for iOS or Android, sign up and try it out (skip to see first lesson without needing to start a trial)
  • Think of the first thing that you’d like to work on and improve (note: to try the first practice section, have to watch or skip through at least 30% of video. Feel free to just scrub to the end after you watch a bit)
  • In the Profile tab, scroll down to the “Share Feedback” section, tell us that you’re interested in the role and what that first thing that you would want to work on would be. Two sentences should suffice.
  • Alternatively, email the same to founders [at] boldvoice [dot] com

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Role

As a full-stack engineer at BoldVoice, you will own features end to end, working on:

  • iOS and Android mobile apps that users open every day
  • Data models and APIs on the backend
  • Admin CMS which we use to manage content in the app and see what is going on

There’s so much that we want to build. If you’ve ever seen how engaging and interactive an app like Duolingo is, you’ll understand how much building we’ve got ahead of us. We want to create a similarly engaging experience for people who already know English, but now want to work on their accent and speech confidence.

This is our first engineering hire and you will get to work hand in hand with the CTO and CEO on coming up with features and then implementing them.

😀 Who you are

  • You work fast, aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, and focus on simplicity to solve problems the right way
  • You care about the small stuff, you believe that details matter, and it’s always worth it to deliver a better user experience than a worse one
  • No job is too small, nor any problem too big to work through, particularly through collaboration with the team
  • You know a thing or two (or all there is to know) about React, React Native and Javascript best-practices

✨ Requirements

  • You’ve worked before on a small team at a fast-paced company
  • You have at least 3 years of experience, ideally 5 years, as a full stack engineer
  • You’ve worked on a production React Native app for iOS and Android before

🎁 What we offer

  • You will be compensated in salary and generous stock options -- we want you to feel like an integral part of the success and growth of the company
  • Benefits include excellent health insurance and fitness perks
  • Access to exclusive startup events, conferences and networks
New York, US
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