Javascript FullStack developer

2 months ago

Position description: 
  • Working with a team of full-stack developers to build a new product.
  • Work with React on the frontend, NestJS on the backend, using Typescript and usingMicroORM to talk to SQL databases.
  • Write unit tests with jest.
  • Write e2e tests with cypress. 
  • Typescript experience preferred.
  • Experience of working with modern CI/CD and engineering tooling is preferred. We use GitHub actions extensively
  • Good to have experience with microservices and micro frontends infrastructure 
  • 2+ years of JavaScript, React library.We Use and Teach:
      • React and NextJS for our frontend.
      • Nodejs and Nestjs for our backend.
    • Jest for unit and integration testing
    • Git for managing change.
    • Postgres for our persistent storage.
    • Docker to package our services into containers.
    • GCP for deployment and cloud infrastructure
    • Terraform to define our infrastructure as code.
    Experiences and skills that make you great for this role:
    • Ability to context switch
    • Self-motivated, thorough, diligent and quality-orientated with a ‘can do’ attitude
    • Willing to share knowledge and experience across other team areas.
    • Organized, pragmatic and flexible
WeWork C/O Nova Futur Ltd, London, SW1W 9SH
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