Fullstack Engineer


2 months ago

About the job

We are looking for a Fullstack Engineer to help us architect and build our research and production projects. You’ll be joining our team of five and you will be working with us to build and deliver our existing projects as well as to prototype new project proposals.

There are multiple exciting projects underway already. Our main focus, for now, is our solar Nowcasting project: We want to collaboratively build the world's best forecasting system for solar electricity generation, and share the code openly with the world!. This work is being delivered together with our partners, including electricity system operators and philanthropic funders, such as Google.org.

You will:
  • Design and implement front end solutions, using client feedback to iterate on the design
  • Build front end solutions, ideally using React
  • Build data visualisations (especially maps and time series), ideally with experience of using Mapbox or D3.js
  • Help build and maintain production and development backend platforms (mostly written in Python at the moment)


  • Help maintain hardware we have for running large ML models
  • Support us in managing open-source software projects on GitHub
  • Help deploy our infrastructure using Terraform
  • Good knowledge of Postgres databases to help build and maintain production databases is welcome
About you
  • You have a passion for helping the world reduce carbon emissions
  • You have 2+ years of experience working in a related role
  • Coding skills of React / other front end frame is essential
  • At least a basic understanding of python for our backend stack
  • You have enthusiasm for learning and experimenting
Location: A day's train ride from London

We are all working predominantly remotely at the moment. For the foreseeable future, we are not planning to come to an office in London every day! Instead, we're looking for someone within a day's train ride of London so that we can meet physically at least monthly without having to fly! That includes most of the UK and significant parts of mainland Europe.

  • £55,000 per annum wage
  • Flexible Hours (40h/week, not 60 or 80)
  • Autonomy in your work delivery
  • Six weeks of paid time off
  • Calm Workplace
  • Private Healthcare Plan
  • Travel Insurance (Global)
  • Pension Plan
  • Remote working culture
  • Training & Development
  • Employee Assistance Programme - Counselling
About Us

Open Climate Fix is a non-profit product lab, totally focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions as rapidly as possible. Every part of the organisation is designed to maximise climate impact, such as our open and collaborative approach, our rapid prototyping, and our attention to finding scalable and practical solutions.

By building out in the open, we can draw upon a much larger pool of expertise than any individual company. We combine existing islands of knowledge and accelerate progress.

We search for Machine Learning problems that will likely have an enormous climate impact if solved. For each of these challenges, we plan to:

  1. Collate & release data, and write software tools to make it super-easy for people to consume the data.
  2. Run a collaborative “global research project” where everyone from 16-year-olds to PhD students to corporate research labs can help find better ML solutions.
  3. Help to put good ideas into production so that we can start reducing emissions ASAP, and so we can test if the solution really does help in practice.

To date, we have built a community of over 1,000 interested volunteers and collaborated with various researchers from institutions such as University College London, University of Edinburgh, Stanford University, The Alan Turing Institute and the Open Data Institute. We also work closely with industry partners.

Currently, we are focused on our solar electricity Nowcasting project. As clouds move over solar panels, the power output moves up and down rapidly. To keep the energy grid in balance, operators need to have readily available power generation reserves which usually come from fossil fuel sources. With better forecasts (short-term forecasts are called nowcasts), we will be able to reduce the amount of fossil fuel reserve required. We will now build solar Nowcasting as a product. Our ultimate aim is to reduce annual CO2 emissions by approximately 100 million tonnes globally by 2030. We are engaged in this project with an industry partner with the intention to deploy it in a production environment.

London, UK
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