Senior UI/UX Engineer - React

1 month ago

We're seeking a Senior UI/UX Engineer to become an integral part of our team!At Inspired, you will design and develop applications across multiple platforms (Web, Mobile, E-commerce, etc.) that contribute to our ecosystem of product and technology that makes the world a better place.Senior UI/UX Engineers at Inspired
  • Lead the UI/UX implementation of Inspired Commerce, working closely stakeholders, and informing the technology/product roadmap
  • Collaborate with product, design, and engineering to define UI/UX standards
  • Create reusable libraries and components for standardized-rapid development across products and features
  • Drive high NPS through user behavior analysis, a/b testing, consumer engagement, and rapid iteration
  • Educate, mentor, and provide hands-on support to other engineers
Ideal Candidate
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, or related industry, or equivalent that provides a foundation in engineering / computer science
  • 8+ years of professional experience as a UI/UX Engineer, or similar, working with frameworks such as react, next, etc.
  • Proven track record of building and delivering proof-of-concepts and production applications end-to-end
  • Obsessed with design aesthetics, user experience, and finding elegant solutions for complex problems
  • Experience with app platform marketplaces (Shopify App Store, Big Commerce, etc.)
  • Experience leveraging tools for user insights, a/b testing, customer engagement
  • Experience working with APIs, and collaborating with backend teams to define API specs optimized for the UI/UX
  • Experience defining UI/UX standards, and creating reusable libraries (components, assets, styles, scripts, etc.) for standardized development
  • Experience working with web3 libraries to query blockchain data and perform transactions.
Preferred Technologies
  • Web: Next.js, React, JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Apps: Shopify, Mobile (React Native)
  • Marketplace: Shopify App Store, Big Commerce, App Store, Google Play
  • Insights:,
  • Engagement:, or similar product
  • Blockchain: Web3.js, Metamask, Solidity, Ethereum
Role Info
  • Pay Level: L5
  • Location: Manhattan Beach, CA (or remotely within USA)
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, USA
Job type