5 Best Job Sites for Software Developers

List of best job boards for devs


It’s safe to say that you have heard of LinkedIn. Create a profile with your past experience, projects, and links to work. Set your preference to “open to new opportunities" and recruiters will likely reach out to you. Make use of their job board to find positions that match your interests. There is usually a good amount of jobs. Filtering options are helpful.

Google Jobs Search

Google brings together job postings from across the web, whether they’re on websites run by small businesses or job sites with thousands of listings. This helps job seekers easily find their next job directly by searching into Google.


Indeed is one of the largest job sites out there, with tons of postings culled from around the internet. While it is not as specialized as GitHub, it makes up for it with sheer numbers. If that overwhelms you, though, consider checking out [Indeed Prime][1], a confidential, free service that puts you in front of leading brands and tech startups with roles you’re interested in. They find out what’s important to you and match you with recruiters looking for people like you. [1]: https://www.indeed.com/prime

StackOverflow Jobs

Stack Overflow is the largest, most trusted online community for anyone that codes to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Stack Overflow Jobs is their job board. You can browse by company, salary, remote, international, sponsorship, or date of posting. They also include info about engineering culture, company benefits, and team projects.


AngelList started as a tool for startup funding and has since grown to become a great job board for early stage startups. Candidates need to make a profile and then can express interest in positions at companies based on their preferences. Companies can also reach out directly to candidates. Recently, they also launched A-List, which invites top engineers, designers, product managers, and salespeople, to fast-track their AngelList profile to hundreds of top startups that are hiring in the San Francisco Bay area and Greater New York City area.