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JavaScript Engineer

Tec Partners|London, GB
11 days ago
JavaScript Engineer


They way we shop for goods has completely changed. The dawn of e-commerce, and the increased speed at which we live, or lives has moved so many to online shopping. I am sure you have noticed the countless delivery vans up and down your street.

The "last mile delivery" of these goods is currently extremely inefficient, increasing the number of vehicles on our roads, negatively contributing to traffic and carbon emissions.

We are currently working with a highly funded start-up at the core of this digital evolution. As a JavaScript Engineer, working with a modern stack built around Typescript, Nodejs, GCP, React & React Native running on a Microservice platform using Domain-Driven-Design.

You will be working on the "plumbing", enabling last mile delivery to be completely reimagined. Building the tools to search, book and manage the best delivery services automatically.

If you are a JavaScript Engineer after a complex challenge, then this is the one.

The Stack:

Typescript, Node.js, GCP, React, React Native, Microservices

Requirements for the JavaScript Engineer

Solid experience with both Typescript & Nodejs

Cloud experience with either GCP, AWS & Azure

Microservices & experienced working with Distributed systems would be a big plus.


Option for fully remote UK or Europe (must have the right to work in the country you live in)
Flexible hoursJavascript, vue, vuejs, vue.js, frontend development, software engineer, react, reactjs, react.js, node, nodejs, microservices, gcp, distributed, typescript, backend development