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VP of Frontend Engineering

Movemeback|Great Guildford Street, SE1 9EP
18 days ago
Africa's Linkedin

Over 700 million working age professionals in Africa do not have a professional identity online with that number growing at a rate of 20-30 million per year. Movemeback is building a global Africa-first social-professional platform to better identify, quantify and develop raw talent (without a CV) whilst democratising access to opportunity

Is this you?

We’re looking for a senior frontend engineer to join us to lead the development of the next generation of our platform. We're looking for someone with solid experience building enterprise frontend applications in high growth start-up environments.

You're most likely a good fit if the following applies to you

  • I feel most alive, engaged and excited whilst solving problems (big and small)

  • I like working with people who want to work on big problems, even if it means lots of ambiguity, false starts and long hours

  • I can't help but look for ways to make things better and take pride in small things nobody else seems to care about

  • If my team went on holiday and I lost access to my Jira account, I'd still have something built and ready to go (and it would be better)

  • I look at my work and that of others I admire as art, regardless of their field

  • I'm really, knowledgeable in Angular and other Javascript frontend frameworks and I can learn faster than Neo

  • I've made enough mistakes to lead a small team of equally talented engineers

  • I'm not looking for a job, just a learning and building adventure, and I get paid too - wow

  • I'd do it all for free anyway

What you will do

Build - 60%

  • Lead by example by delivering elegant yet practical code which focuses on solving for the highest priority problems whilst keeping technical debt to a minimum

  • Find solutions for small and mid-size technical challenges on a day to day basis

  • Execute beautiful user experiences navigating Ux, Ui and technical tradeoffs

Architect - 15%

  • Convert user and business problems into technical decisions and roadmaps

  • Experiment with new technologies and make mid-term technology decisions to steer technical direction

  • Engage in solving big technology challenges which have no right answer

Lead - 15%

  • Develop junior engineers and peers in other teams through direct training, general coaching, mentoring and peer / code review

  • Create and implement product roadmaps, project timelines and development sprints

  • Develop and implement new team processes, tools and ways of working

  • Shape hiring and development of a growing frontend team built around you

Collaborate - 10%

  • Work directly with our leadership to shape and prioritise business strategy and solutions from a technology standpoint

  • Interface directly with users and customers and our product leaders to always have an informed opinion of what we should be building

  • Influence user experience and product design


  • A track-record in ownership positions for big problems and / or big projects

  • Experience building enterprise grade frontend applications

  • Experience leading a small or large team of engineers

  • Experience with a growth stage startup or high growth organisation

  • Multiple years and projects experience using Angular or similar SPA framework

  • Experience with backend technologies and data architectures

  • Experience building platform applications supporting at least hundreds of thousands of users


  • Whatever matters to you - we build around our people - let us know!

About Us

Movemeback is building Africa’s Linkedin

We're a start-up team of dreamer, thinkers and do-ers head-quartered in London but spread across four Continent's working on big hard problems! We're a Google backed and funded startup and recognised by The London Stock Exchange as a high potential startup in Africa

Africa is one of the world’s fastest growing regions with a population of 1.4 billion people and an ever-increasing young workforce that is estimated will represent 50% of the world’s working population by 2050. However the biggest barrier (and opportunity) to the Continent’s future is access to talent.

To tackle this, Movemeback is building an Africa-first social-professional platform enabling individuals to

  • Break-through social mobility barriers and make new and meaningful connections;

  • Access hidden formal, informal, blue and white collar opportunities

  • Build new talent identities - enabling all talent to be measured for ability and potential even without a first-class grade CV Harvard grade CV skills)

  • Providing tailored training and support based on market opportunities and individual capabilities and strengths