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Frontend Developer

Tevent|London, England, United Kingdom
19 days ago
Developing Tevent so far has been a thrill. Until July 2020, it was an idea dreamt up by two founders. Since then, it has been designed and researched entirely remotely and at breakneck pace, seizing opportunity while furloughed in the pandemic. We have attracted sizeable investment from experienced Silicon Valley investors, including the CEO of a 4.5bn market cap firm on our board, as well as CEOs/officers of major tech firms eg Salesforce.
Our current focus is shipping the product, with a view to launching in Q2. Tevent is rising meteorically; with our valuation on a steep trajectory and backing from connected tech investors, it is an exciting place to be. Our team of ~15 is tightly knit, young, diverse and highly capable - a community more than a workplace.
About the role: We are looking to bring in a Frontend Developer to work on the client side of our web app. We're looking first and foremost for JavaScript knowledge, although a knowledge of C# or similar languages is highly desirable. Our client works in Blazor WebAssembly, a cutting edge .NET technology and an exciting stack to work on. You'll know what we're trying to solve, but the 'how' will be up to you.
  • An enjoyable project: with us, you will have the space and freedom to contribute, use initiative and solve problems asyou see fit. It is a project to enjoy and invest yourself in. If you like to use your brain rather than just being a worker bee, Tevent is for you. It's been a thrill so far!
  • Progression and Learning: Our investors' faith and funding provides resources and guidance to grow quickly, with free expert consulting from top Silicon Valley tech officers. As Tevent scales, your role will expand quickly from coding the frontend, to building a team and beyond. Joining us is a shortcut to a top position for those with the potential to access it.
  • Get a Slice: we can also discuss a share scheme, vesting a stake in a company with exponentially growing valuation - we expect our salaries to be the least significant part of the long-term financial reward.
  • An important mission: Tevent is also built to improve access and diversity and to benefit the climate. We're a positive and progressive firm.
  • Flexibility and Trust: working for an early-stage startup means we will trust you to be a good employee and be flexible to your needs - whether it is location, workflow or anything else.
  • Co-operate closely with the CPO, Front End developer and CTO, who create the UI and implement it in the frontend.
  • Implement visual design of product designer, guided by wireframed prototype.
  • Understand the application architecture and how data will flow around it. Request
  • and suggest changes and offer insight into alternative design ideas to both the Front End designs and their mode of interaction with the Back End architecture.
  • Work primarily autonomously, with regular meetings with your team and with the development team at large to discuss progress, difficulties, and potential solutions to issues.
  • If possible, aid in work on other technical areas such as the Tevent website, UI design or even other areas of the company, if you have other skills to bring to the table.
  • Report to the CPO and CTO - although hours are highly flexible, must be able to arrange reporting through ad hoc scrum meetings at mutually convenient times.
  • Experienced professional Front End or full-stack (a guideline of 3+ years)
  • Strong qualification in computer science or a physical science preferred
  • Fluency with Front End languages - HTML & CSS.
  • Strong JavaScript skills the main deciding factor.
  • Some knowledge with SPAs via Blazor, React or Angular.
  • Some experience using and/or an understanding of, the .NET and .NET Core, or coding in C# greatly desirable in enabling work on the Blazor client.
  • Knowledge of maintaining compatibility of web applications between common web browsers and operating systems - Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Windows and Mac would be a useful addition to the team's skillset.
  • Experience with Razor pages would mean much easier integration into the team.
  • RESTful APIs are commonly used, experience with these is desirable.
About you: As with any start-up, fitting the culture is as important as your skills and qualifications. Outlined below is a description of the ideal person for Tevent. Skilled problem-solver:
  • Able to convert from an outcome ('what' needs to happen) to figuring out the 'how'.
  • Enjoy the freedom of finding own route through an open problem.
  • Stimulated and driven by a challenge.
Flexible worker with rounded ability:
  • Comfortable with a fluid, varying role.
  • Understands the full stack even if unable to personally code.
  • Can contribute to the firm in other ways.
Proactive and committed:
  • Enjoys working and takes pride in output.
  • Willing to proactively take responsibility for tasks outside job description.
  • Will become truly invested and interested.
  • Deal well with deadlines and demanding pace.
Effective, deliberate, and positive communicator:
  • Effectively explains and understands problems and solutions verbally.
  • Welcomes and gives constructive feedback in a positive, understanding way.
Works well with ad hoc, agile meetings:
  • Despite flexible working hours can be available throughout the workday for team communication calls for updates, questions, and requests.
  • Chatty, likes to 'bounce' ideas and brainstorm.
  • Comfortable voice calling other team members.
Fits well in small team dynamic:
Others would describe you as a pleasant, positive, and well-humoured person. - Share Scheme We plan to vest shares to you, over time and with bonuses at critical milestones. Our share price has been on a steep trajectory and we expect our current salaries to be the least significant part of the financial rewards. Other Benefits We're committed to valuing our employees. We can offer tailored benefits to each individual employee - let's have a frank discussion about your wants and what would help you to work to your full potential. We'll start off getting to know each other over a pleasant chat with CPO Alex and Frontend Developer Luana.
JavaScript, Node.js, HTML/CSSJavaScript, Blazor, HTML5/CSS3