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CTO &amp; Lead Developer Node.js React &amp; potential cofounder

Combined|Berlin, Germany
3 months ago

About us
We are working All in one app for marketing agencies to manage clients, create proposals, invoice clients, manage the projects and wiki for team collaboration. Our ambition is to also expand into other markets (other types of agencies and service companies), making our architecture a bit more flexible and interesting for you. The MVP UX design is done and we already started development. We are looking for a CTO and full stack Lead Developer who will oversee all technical aspects, coach the technical team, establish a technological vision and actively lead the company's application development.
You are an experienced and driven full stack developer, also experienced with architecture and team coaching (1-2 other developers to start with). Our tech stack includes React.js, Node.js, AWS, Elastic Search, PostgreSQL, Docker. This is a long term, fulltime, engagement (30 hrs a week minimum) and ideally, we're looking for a candidate who wants to transition into a cofounder role after a few months.
- Full Stack development
- Help us hire the right developers (i.e. assist doing interviews and, tests)
- Tech team management / coaching (1-2 other developers initially)- Lead the selection of frameworks and educate stakeholders about the pro’s and con’s and develop an evolving architecture that allows us to scale over time.- Work with the product manager and two UX designers to find issues with the design and consistency in respect to technical implementation and usability in combination.- Help finding missing user stories and new or improved features for future consideration.- Give technical feedback and input on the 2 UX designers and 1 Product manager, tester and 1 other (to be hired) developer, i.e. point out issues, missing user stories, etc.- Help setup and run development, test, and production environments.
Required skills
- Backend: You have at least 3 years Node.js plus a popular framework like express / hapi / koa /etc
- Frontend: You have at least 3 years of experience with react.
- You have at least 2 years experience as the lead developer for a web app.- You have been responsible for deployment and maintenance of both test (CI/CD, unit tests) and production environments.- You have set up and monitored AWS resources for performance and economy.- Ideally, you worked on a B2B SaaS app before.- Database: Experience with AWS RDS Aurora (PostgreSQL) or similar and able to properly design a normalized database using migrations.- Ideally experience creating queries and building full text indices for Elasticsearch.- Ability to view problems and solutions from both a higher level and with respect to the architecture. Hence, consistency, holistic thinking paired with analytical problem-solving skills. - The ability to work in a team and lead a technical team, i.e. in making technical complex decisions. - Strong communication skills (written and verbal) and reasonably fluent in English.- We are open to talent from anywhere in the world and your working hours are very flexible. We only require that for at least for 3 days a week, 3 of your working hours overlap the hours of 13:00-19:00 in Germany to facilitate team meetings.
- We are not looking for an agency at the moment and subcontracting of some of your work is not allowed.
Question? Or apply right away?
If you have any questions about this position, don't hesitate to contact hr@betterproducts.co (not: .com). 
To apply please send your CV to hr@betterproducts.co, no motivation letter is required. We will send you some short screening questions to answer, which we will use to select a shortlist of candidates that we will interview. A skill test might is part of the process.