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Senior Angular Frontend Engineer - Product Implementation

Backbase|Amsterdam, Netherlands
23 days ago

The Job in short

Keep our innovation power running at the fastest pace possible and help us remain at the cutting edge. Are you ready to innovate?  

Meet the job

As a Senior Frontend Engineer, it’s up to you to take our product to the next level, adapt to new technology, and push the envelope when implementing modern UI/UX patterns. 

In this role, you will be able to take the lead in the development of software, focusing on functional and non-functional aspects, and are responsible for the end deliverables of your squad. You provide the best possible user experience, obviously securing cross-browser compatibility. We love clean, maintainable code as we are building an expanding product that’s not even halfway there yet. You have great attention to detail and can help principals and leads get a perspective on the full picture.

As a Senior Frontend Engineer, you may work in several teams - from providing input to our research and development squads, to consulting with our customers and implementing projects in our customer success teams. You will also have a chance to contribute the experience gathered on projects to the development of our platform and the whole product suite, doing your part to improve and evolve the Backbase ecosystem.  

You develop web applications using a modern, responsive stack and tooling, and work closely with the product owner, developers and QA engineers to shape the product, analyse requirements and ensure our software is high quality. You also ensure our solutions are tested, accessible, extensible, maintainable, secure and are performant. We develop new features and constantly release updates in two-week sprints. Backbase moves fast so you need to be capable of getting in-depth knowledge on the product wishes and the company within a short amount of time.

You work in an empowered team of highly skilled architects, software developers, QA engineers, scrum masters, and product owners. You provide guidance to Frontend Engineers, and you collect and refine proposals from the team. You are expected to actively contribute to Backbase's way of working and public knowledge base, by creating and reviewing training materials and/or documentation.

How about you

  • You have 5+ years of Frontend development experience;

  • Able to frequently interact with external customers, and to entertain conversations with different audiences about frontend;

  • Working experience in consultancy and project coaching. You are comfortable in a client-facing role;

  • Frequent contact with other departments. You can act as stakeholder for specific issues and goals;

  • You have in-depth knowledge of NPM & Node;

  • Your knowledge of JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, CSS (SASS) and HTML is second to none. You've worked professionally with Bootstrap and are happy to work with this technology; 

  • We won’t have to tell you anything about software architectures or web technologies; your expert knowledge is up to date; 

  • You are a sociable, friendly person and enjoy working with multiple cultures and stakeholders; 

  • When it comes to the crunch, you love the pressure of a healthy deadline;

  • Are the go-to guy when it comes to CSS;

  • Can write Javascript or Typescript blindfolded;

  • Have experience with web application architecture topics like: HTTP spec (common headers, response statuses, etc...), JWT tokens, CORS, XSS, CSP