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WebApp Engineer building for Design & R&D in MedTech

PeerWell Inc.|) (allows remote
a month ago

The PeerWell engineering team is seeking a creative, collaborative, and detail oriented engineer to build and innovate medical web-apps with the highest levels of quality.  You will

  • work on web apps that are in front of patients, but also used by healthcare workers and medical researchers.

  • not just be implementing pixel quality designs, but also be able to collaborate with R&D to display data, including 3D data of the body. While in the former, you are building to a spec, in the latter, there is no spec and you're helping to build prototypes that you will ultimately transform into an innovative and successful interface.

  • be engaged with contributing to our testing and quality infrastructure and processes, helping us to not only validate browser app functionality, but also enabling end-to-end testing of the system. 

This role is an unusual frontend opportunity: varied, skilled, and creative. We have a lot of intriguing problems to solve!


Have at least 5+ years of substantial industry experience where you:

  • Contributed significantly and shipped complex single-page browser apps with custom UI elements and data displays

  • Demonstrated expertise with Javascript and API usage

  • Used Modern React  (e.g. hooks) or a similar related app technology extensively

and you are:

  • Comfortable with pixel quality development

  • Comfortable with prototyping and creative problem solving of user experience and engineering problems

  • Capable with basic college level 3D and 2D mathematics: trig, geometry, basic calculus

    • Ideal: Built 2D and 3D products using three.js or similar

  • Enthusiastic about testability, quality, and agile practices

  • Top-notch communication skills, written and verbal English

  • Passionate about improving the health of millions of people

  • Comfortable in a startup environment

In your note to us, make sure to point out how your experiences fit what we're after. 


  • Experience with HIPAA, health tech, insurance tech, or other regulated industries

  • Kubernetes, Terraform, CI/CD deployment infra.

  • Machine Learning (vision models, RNNs, Transformers, etc).

  • Data Mining

  • Bilingual: Spanish


  • Remote exclusively.


  • Competitive salary and equity at series A valuation

  • Unlimited PTO

  • Medical, dental, vision 

  • Annual international off-sites (when travel is safe)

  • Flexible working hours

  • 100% remote, not just during Covid

To apply

  • Don't just send a resume but write an introduction: describe your interest, passion, and fitness for this role. We are passionate people.

About PeerWell Inc.

  • Backed by leading investors. PeerWell is backed by one of the largest investors in the world, OMERS. They have $100B of assets under management serving 500k pensioners and 1000 employer organizations. Their investments are worldwide and span all company stages.

  • Successful founders. PeerWell's founders have co-founded or been early hires at multi-billion dollar companies like LiveRamp and Palantir.

  • Category leader. PeerWell coined the term PreHab and defined surgery optimization as a new form of care for patients awaiting MSK surgery. We are pioneering technology that will define how patients will be cared for in near future.

  • Distributed team. We care more about people being engaged with the work we do to support patients and change healthcare than where you get work done

About PeerWell Engineering:

Patient Well Being

Our first concern is always patients. All the features we create and their quality is driven first and foremost by what benefits our patients the most.  Along the way, we serve the system that delivers care through patient's providers and the healthcare payers. Everything derives from serving our patients.

Secure, Reliable & Flexible Data

The features we build generate data. Some of it entirely unique to PeerWell. That data must be securely held, it must be reliably available, and be usable for innovation. We combine our patient data into populations so that we can discover and help predict the direction of patient outcomes, and thereby provide patients with information and guidance to aid their recovery.  So building secure, reliable, performative and flexible systems is always a focus. 

Customer Satisfaction

We seek to make sure our products not only perform but provide an excellent experience along the way. There are many users we serve ranging from patients, to nurses, and doctors, and insurers, and others. We seek to produce defect free software to serve them all, whatever their roles are with respect to the patient.

Innovation and Appropriate Problem Solving

We are looking to improve a very large and complex healthcare system. Our approach is through innovations that provide better care, efficiency, and knowledge to all the players.  To this end we have created some never seen before innovations using smart-phones alone in the past couple of years, and we aim to do more. For example: 

  • Joint Range of Motion

  • Exercise Compliance

  • in-home Hazard Detection

Sometimes, we apply well-known solutions and at others when innovation is needed we create something new. The point is, we innovate where it matters and has impact on patients and on the players who serve them.

Civil Engagement

We work together, often in different timezones. We expect kind and conscientious engagement with each other. Communication is essential, and honesty key.  We are a diverse group of people with a variety of values, and we make it safe for everyone to do their work and express themselves.