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1 year ago

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At Prisma, we are building the data layer for modern applications. If you are fascinated by the leading-edge architecture and technology used in today’s data-intensive, highly scalable software systems, with distributed graph data on a massive scale, but you want the energy, challenges, and freedom that come with working in a small startup, then a job at Prisma might be for you.

With funding from top-tier investors Amplify Partners and Kleiner Perkins, we are a small, distributed team working on making the advanced data infrastructure developed by large tech companies accessible to all application developers around the world. Our hard work is paying off, with adoption and implementation of Prisma by some of the most successful and interesting companies out there today, and the fun is just beginning!

We are focused on bottom-up adoption, and most of our software is open-source. We have a vibrant community on Slack and GitHub - with over 55,000 members on Slack - where we regularly engage with the Prisma community.

What are we looking for in a Developer Advocate?

We are looking for an experienced backend engineer and dedicated educator to join us as a Developer Advocate to help people get familiar with and use Prisma most effectively.

While you have a background in software development, you should truly be driven and motivated by helping and educating others, and working with developers of all experience levels.

What does a Developer Advocate do at Prisma?

Here are some of the most typical responsibilities of a Developer Advocate at Prisma:

  • Coding demo projects and production-ready app templates: Build, share, document, and maintain sample Prisma apps to help users understand the main use cases of Prisma.

  • Writing technical articles and documentation: Write tutorials and other technical content.

  • Speaking at events and livestreams: Speak about Prisma-related topics on livestreams and in-person events.

  • Creating technical videos: Create video tutorials, demos, and additional videos for the Prisma YouTube channel.

  • Building community: Build and maintain personal relationships and contribute to our active community by engaging directly with our user base.

  • Helping users: Support Prisma users with their problems on GitHub and Slack, potentially jump on calls and deep dive into their codebases.

What does the candidate profile look like?

We believe the successful candidate will:

  • Have practical experience building backend applications in Node.js.

  • Be passionate about helping other developers solve problems and have an educational mindset.

  • Be fluent in English (both written and spoken).

  • Have knowledge of relational databases (knowledge of other databases is a plus).

The following experience would also be a plus:

  • Experience with TypeScript.

  • Experience with backend technologies such as GraphQL, gRPC, Serverless, microservices as well as frameworks/libraries like NestJS, hapi, Express, ...

  • Experience with other ORMs like TypeORM, Sequelize, MikroORM, or lower-level database libraries like Objection or knex.js.

  • Experience working with and editing video.

  • Experience working with open-source software and/or with the open-source community.

What is it like to work at Prisma?

You're likely to be a great fit for the team if you ...

  • ... have an ownership mindset. As part of a small team, you'll have an outsized impact on decisions and how things are executed.

  • ... stay nimble. As a growing startup, the team and strategy evolve quickly. Be ready to re-calibrate often and stay flexible.

  • ... be kind and collaborative. Come in ready to share your ideas and listen to feedback.

Remote work

We are a remote-first organization with an office based in Berlin, Germany. For this role, we are looking for someone who is based in the United States of America or Canada to cover the North American time zone.

What's in it for you?

  • Opportunity to work with world-class engineering, product, and design experts.

  • Join our community events and developer conferences (Meetups, Prisma Day, GraphQL Conf).

  • Be part of a thriving startup funded by Silicon Valley's top-tier investors Kleiner Perkins and Amplify Partners.

  • We provide a competitive base salary in line with industry standards for similar positions.

  • As an early-stage startup, we also provide competitive stock-option grants with a 10-year exercise window.

  • 24 days paid vacation per year.

  • 6 weeks paid sabbatical leave after three years.

  • 4 mental health days per year.

  • Fully paid parental leave for up to 20 weeks.

  • Generous tech budget to make sure you have all the hardware that you need.

  • Ergonomic chair subsidy.

  • Access to your local co-working space if you prefer to work from an external location to your home.

  • [US] Health, Dental, Vision + 401k Matching

What is the process like?

Our recruitment process for this role follows the structure below.

  1. First Interview with a senior member of our Developer Advocacy Team

  2. Take-home challenge (with compensation) and a debrief with members of the Developer Advocacy team.

  3. Second Interview with our Head of People and COO.

  4. Offer.


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