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1 year ago

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At Retool, we’re changing the way software is built. We’ve developed the fastest way to build internal tools, saving companies time, resources, and engineering bandwidth. Whether it’s refunding orders, underwriting loans, managing marketplaces, rolling out new features, analyzing transactions, or providing customer support, Retool makes it dramatically faster and easier to build internal tools that teams need. We believe that the future of software development lies in being a force multiplier for developers and technical builders, helping them move considerably faster building a lot more software.  We’re looking for highly collaborative people as we build a world-class team to support this mission and we’d love for you to join us!


Retool is built for developers, and we need to ensure that every interaction developers have with our website, technical content, and product is highly polished. A great developer experience spans both technical and non-technical concerns. Whether developers are reading our documentation, installing a pre-built template from GitHub, interacting with a bot on our Discord server, or building a Retool app in our browser-based IDE, every interaction should delight and inspire confidence.

We are looking for a Developer Experience Engineer to work cross-functionally to iron out wrinkles in Retool’s developer interfaces, and empower Retool engineers and technical writers with the tools they need to create excellent developer experiences in technical content and documentation.


As our first Developer Experience Engineer, you will work across multiple projects and teams to refine Retool’s external developer interfaces. You will own tooling and end user experience for our documentation site and developer blog. You will support the creation of templates and example applications that showcase the capabilities of Retool, and ensure that installing and using those templates is as easy as possible. You will implement measurement and dashboards that will help the Developer Experience team understand a developer’s journey through our community, and identify pain points along the way. To improve a developer’s experience of using Retool, you may also deem it necessary to create open source tools in userland, or opportunistically make small contributions and bug fixes to Retool’s core products. And as a developer whose work is all about enabling a successful developer community, you may also choose to serve developer communities alongside developer advocates at first- and third-party events, or by creating technical content.

You will draw on your experience as a generalist hacker who wears multiple hats to be a good technical citizen, working across multiple code repositories. It will be critical to collaborate and communicate effectively with engineering teams and stakeholders across the company.

Most of Retool’s technology infrastructure is full stack JavaScript, with React being the most common framework used across projects. TypeScript is also found across many Retool repositories. Retool also, as you might expect, makes extensive use of Retool! You will work as an end user of Retool for our own operations software, dashboards, and automation tools, which will also help you maintain empathy and visibility into the end user experience.


You will work across every function in the Developer Experience team, with our docs team, developer advocates, and community teams being your most frequent collaborators. Outside of the DX team, you will coordinate with our web engineering team as you iterate and improve on our blog, documentation, and community-facing web properties. You will also work alongside our core product teams to improve user experience for Retool developers.

The Developer Experience team is remote first, but we make a point of gathering IRL on a regular basis to reflect on what’s working and not working, develop professional skills, plan for the future, and connect with one another.


  • 5-10+ years experience as a professional software developer, ideally some of which you’ve spent in startups or in developer tools

  • Significant experience working with JavaScript/TypeScript and React, as well as server-side JavaScript runtimes and static site generators

  • Experience owning technically challenging and demanding cross-functional projects

  • A track record of identifying valuable projects, communicating the strategy for them, and executing on them autonomously

  • Willingness to invest in tooling and process incrementally and wisely

  • A developer-first mindset and an interest in talking with developers to make sure what we’re building is a polished product that meets their needs

  • Experience working with internal stakeholders of technical and non-technical backgrounds, and translating business needs into technical solutions

  • Experience leading engineering teams or mentoring junior developers is a plus

  • Experience contributing to open source projects is a plus

Retool offers generous benefits to all employees. For more information, please visit the benefits and perks section of our careers page!


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