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Senior Frontend Developer

13 days ago

Our job is to help with a preliminary diagnosis of Dementia, with emphasis on Alzheimer's Disease. We focus on helping healthcare experts, pharmaceutical companies and policymakers making informed decisions regarding patients and their cognitive status. We are a tech-based startup that focuses on data science, machine learning, and B2B solutions.


As a Front End Developer, you help design, develop and deploy multiple features for the services offered. Leveraging your expertise to help implement a complex product while ensuring high-quality solutions and performance.


  • Design product solutions according to the needs of the customer (e.g. clinicians, pharma industries, policymakers, etc.)
  • Create stunning and responsive user interfaces that remain functional and intuitive both in web and mobile
  • Design and create UI/UX that takes into account the specific needs of elderly people and people with mild cognitive impairment
  • Personalize the end user's experience
  • Design and create insightful dashboards and reports for the end-users
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders of varied backgrounds (researchers, UX professionals, designers, etc)

Job Qualifications

Technical knowledge is critical, but attitude is even more important. We're looking for people that like to walk the uncertain path and want to discover how to do things that haven't been done before. We are a team and are looking for team players. We are looking for people that only see challenges, not obstacles. We are disrupting the market so where others find problems we provide solutions.


  • At least 3 years of experience in frontend development using React (up-to-date knowledge of latest features such as Hooks and Context API)
  • Experience with Javascript visualization libraries (e.g. D3.js, Chart.js etc.)
  • Experience with Material-UI or other responsive UI frameworks
  • Experience with Web Audio API
  • Experience with Git or similar version control systems

Nice to have

  • Experience with Agile methodologies and keeping up-to-date Kanban boards
  • Experience with Jest/Enzyme (or similar tools) for unit testing
  • Experience with E2E testing frameworks such as Cypress or Selenium
  • Experience with deploying containerized applications in cloud platforms
  • Knowledge of Typescript or Flow


  • Bucketfuls of challenging problems to solve, so hopefully that's your thing!
  • One of the best learning experiences of your life. You'll get to work with extremely smart and capable people, with interdisciplinary background
  • Very competitive salary
  • Choosing your own working conditions is one of our strongest beliefs