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8 months ago

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We’re looking for a Ember.js Developer who’s excited to flex their JavaScript/TypeScript skills and develop solutions to our customers’ business problems as a part of our Frontend Development team.

Cobot develops one of the most widely used software solutions globally to manage coworking and flexible workspaces. We built up our reputation for over a decade—and we’ve never stopped building innovative tools for workspaces to excel in the future of work.

You will work with JavaScript and CSS developers to maintain, improve, and extend Cobot’s UI. You’re responsible for building a fast, accessible, and beautiful frontend in Cobot. You will be able to make a direct impact on the quality of our product and the happiness of our users.

You’ll get to work with a complex, mature code base that uses both frontend frameworks like Ember JS and Storybook Components as well as Ruby on Rails, Elixir, etc.

We are looking for a candidate who is curious to learn from us, eager to bring their contributions into our team, and, most importantly, excited to code, code, code.

You will be part of a team that genuinely cares about each other. Our developers understand that learning and sharing knowledge is a part of the job—one of the best parts. We strive for excellence in our work; an attitude that includes constantly improving our team culture to reflect our values such as inclusiveness and a healthy work-life balance. Read more on our website to understand how we put our words into action.

Unique Challenges:

  • Maintain multiple Ember.js apps and implement the latest Ember features

  • Integrate with our JSON API backend

  • Design APIs together with our backend team

  • Extend our Storybook based component library

  • Improve our automated testing of all frontend apps and components

  • Optimize our frontend for performance and accessibility using modern audit tools like Lighthouse

  • Integrate with 3rd parties, e.g. Stripe

What you will be doing:

  • Spec, write, test, and deploy code

  • Build the frontend for new features

  • Review code and have your code reviewed

  • Maintain and build out our automations, e.g. using GitHub Actions

  • Learn about, use, and teach your team new web technologies

  • Work across teams with designers, support, and communications specialists to achieve company-wide goals

  • Take pride in your work, enjoy collaborating with your coworkers, and go home on time

This job requires the ability to occasionally work alongside our team in Berlin. You have the option to work from home (we continue to provide a workspace for anyone on the team who is interested).

When the covid situation allows, a part of your job will include attending team off-sites, coworking industry events, and programming conferences.

What you need to bring:

  • 3+ years paid experience in a frontend developer role

  • Ember JS experience (the majority of your work will happen in Ember)

  • Experience with modern browser technologies

  • Experience building user interfaces with HTML and CSS

  • The drive to build an excellent user experience

  • Ability to communicate efficiently in English (our team language)

Bonus points if you have experience with:

  • Testing (e.g. unit/acceptance testing), Ember CLI Mirage

  • TypeScript


  • Ruby on Rails

We recognize there is no "complete" candidate and that you may feel the need for further development in some areas. We encourage you to apply even if your profile does not meet all of the requirements for the role.

We welcome candidates enthusiastic about learning and growing. However you identify and whatever your background, if this looks like a role where you could do work that excites you, we hope you’ll apply!


  • Flexible work hours (36h/week) and a culture that respects your set hours

  • Fair compensation

  • A fund for education, i.e. conferences, books, courses, etc.

  • Team lunches and activities

  • 25 days paid vacation per year

  • Opportunities to contribute to open source projects

  • Regular company retreats or workshop days

  • Work alongside (and learn from) a team of experienced and community-prolific developers and UI designers

  • We are proud to operate under a Code of Conduct designed by the team

  • We encourage working from coworking spaces and accommodate temporary remote work


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