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Job DescriptionABOUT ACCESS

We are a suite of data-driven products that empower users across the global innovation ecosystem. From data & analytics to day-to-day management tools, Access' mission is to create a new standard that supports companies, founders, investors, startup programs, teams and talent and help them unleash their true potential. Our product suite enables innovators to accelerate venture building with increased efficiency and higher success rates while providing ecosystem facilitators the ability to connect and collaborate more effectively, leading to higher rates of economic gain on a global scale through one integrated platform.

Despite the youth of Access, we’re already experiencing absurdly high growth in one of our flagship products, AccessTeams™. A SaaS product that offers organizations access to their own stacked team of dedicated, hand-picked, top talent. Through AccessTeams™ we’re transforming how work gets done and how innovation happens, at scale. Anyone eager to drive change in the innovation economy should consider Access. Our products empower users across the global innovation ecosystem. From data & analytics to tools for everyday management, Access' mission is to create a new standard for supporting founders, investors, startups, teams, and talent in order to unleash their full potential.


Our company prides itself on our fast-paced, results-driven, forward-thinking environment. Our ideal candidate for this particular role would be someone who shares our dedication to those attributes.

This position is remote capable, so your location is not important. As long as you have a decent, stable internet connection and are located somewhere in Canada, your exact coordinates don’t disqualify you.

While this position comes with much responsibility, it also comes with generous perks! We will make sure that you will:

Have a tangible, measurable impact on our development process; Partner and work alongside professionals who are equally concerned with quality and speed; Have access to furthering educational opportunities (e-book allowance, all the software you need, a learning and development budget, regular one-on-one feedback sessions, etc); Receive assistance with maintaining your physical and mental health (gym allowance, headspace account, flexible office hours, etc); and Enjoy unlimited holidays.


As an AccessTeams™ Front-End Developer, you would be responsible for:

  1. Developing and implementing highly responsive user interface components using react concepts;
  2. Optimize components to work seamlessly across different browsers and devices;
  3. Collaborating with the Design Team, Back-End Developers, Product Development Team, and clients to implement updates for Accessibility, Code Reduction, and Optimal User Experience;
  4. Monitoring and improving front-end performance;
  5. Building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use;
  6. Create and maintain user interfaces for web applications and websites;
  7. Learn, understand and implement proper user interactions; and
  8. Participating in design and code reviews, identifying and communicating best development practices.

Even before we onboard you to our team, you should have: *

  • 4+ years of experience developing highly scalable web applications;
  • 2+ years of experience building front-end interfaces using React;
  • A portfolio of smooth web applications that you built or highly contributed to.
  • The ability to design and build reusable front-end libraries, components, and frameworks to support scalable applications;
  • Strong working knowledge of integrating and consuming third-party APIs;
  • Strong knowledge in design principles with React;
  • Understanding of user authentication and authorization within front-end web applications; and
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git.
Other skills are considered an asset, such as:
  • Knowledge of other front-end software tools like Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and Redux;
  • Experience with TailwindCSS;
  • Experience in the FinTech industry; and
  • Experience with AWS and other cloud solutions.

We are interested in working with someone who:

  • Has excellent communication skills;
  • Maintains high attention to detail;
  • Has great problem-solving skills;
  • Works well on their own and with a team;
  • Meets deadlines with minimal supervision;
  • Continues to better themselves by staying current with technology trends;
  • Is adaptable and willing to learn new skills;
  • Knows when to ask questions (after all, no one is an island unto themselves);
  • Is driven by a passion for creating the best product;
  • Embraces a culture of transparency and trust; and
  • Thrives in an environment of change and growth.

We absolutely cannot overstate this role's impact on our development. You will be hands-on with our clients’ products, building up their businesses, our business, and expanding your own role as you do so. Success here will be measured by hitting deadlines and maintaining project efficiency.

If you still think this position is for you after reading all of the above, we very much look forward to your submission.

We’re on a mission: to help innovators connect and scale.

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