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2 years ago

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SystemOne is searching for a React developer to build out new and existing web applications.

As an Applicant You are Expected to Have:

  • Several years of experience as a ReactJS developer.

  • At least five years of professional software development experience building, and maintaining web applications.

  • Ability to work & communicate with the team in English.

  • Proficiency with HTML5, CSS3, and modern JavaScript/ES2017.

  • Proficiency in modern web application features and design goals (such as web components and responsive design).

  • Thorough understanding of web service technologies (REST, JSON).

  • Familiarity with debugging tools and methods.

  • Strong understanding of React lifecycles, hooks, redux and React queries.

Nice to have:

  • Snapshot and E2e testing.

  • UI/UX knowledge

  • Webpack


  • Design a front-end architecture that will enable the development and customization of mobile applications built using react-native.

  • Optimize a web application that was built using the react/redux ecosystem, to utilize react query and hooks.

  • Manage app store listings & all releases including testing, beta & production deployments.

  • Solve difficult problems such as engineering user experiences for low resource settings where network connectivity is intermittent & platforms are outdated.

  • Make strategic technical decisions that cater for system flexibility through small updates and configuration changes.

  • Collaborate with an excellent team of engineers to produce high-quality user experiences for healthcare professionals and patients.

About the Organization

SystemOne is a technology business that has served healthcare organizations to reduce the burden of the infectious disease since 2013. We employ a team of engaged software professionals that is focused on providing high-quality user experiences and facilitating the integration of a heterogeneous IT landscape.Our engineering team prides itself in delivering impactful products to health organizations, striking the correct balance between delivering solutions within ambitious time frames and enabling people with high-quality IT systems without over-engineering our products.The team is currently distributed across Europe, Africa & the Americas. We have a strong, hands-on CTO who supports initiatives to continuously learn and share knowledge.

How to Apply

Use the job advertisement application link and;

  1. Provide a link to (or a copy of) your resume, profile, or portfolio (e.g., your website, LinkedIn); it’s ok to send other links, too (e.g., a blog, GitHub, a project of yours)

  2. To demonstrate that you’ve read this and are a serious applicant, provide a short answer to just one of these:

  • What are three things, big or small, you’d change about the language you’ve done most of your recent coding in?

  • What was the last good book, article, or presentation you saw on software development? What made it stand out for you?

  • What’s your favorite open-source library? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

  • Briefly describe a project you worked on recently. What is something you learned while doing it?

  • What technology did you most recently mentor a colleague on? How did it go?

We, unfortunately, can't accept applications that lack the 2 items listed above.  


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