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2 years ago

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Frontend Developer - (80% - 100%)Description:Hi! We're, a ZeroOps application delivery hub for engineering teams to deploy applications more easily. Our developer-centric, open source platform makes developers’ lives and jobs easier, minimizing the stress of managing infrastructure or operations. supports organizations across the globe to accelerate their cloud and container adoption, along with providing easily managed Kubernetes for developer teams. We run anywhere in the world, with 24/7/365 dedicated support. We’re looking for a Frontend Developer to join our remote team. As a Frontend Developer with, you’ll be working alongside a UX designer and a UI designer on our core ZeroOps applications delivery product, Lagoon. You’ll be key in transforming Lagoon from a developer focused tool, to a market ready intuitively designed platform, by implementing design and interaction changes, turning the work of the UX and UI designers into well functioning code. We’ve got some exciting new directions to take our interfaces and integrations, and in delivering a more complete experience for all our users. If you feel like this could be the role for you, then come and join a team of open source enthusiasts, committed to providing flexible web solutions in an open and transparent work environment, and having fun doing it.What you’ll be doing: 
  • Breathing new life into our React-based Lagoon UI, refining the integration between it and our GraphQL API
  • Owning the entire development lifecycle for the UI components, over their various iterations
  • Implementing a design system and set of components to guide the future development of the UI
  • Implementing iterations of the UI and components as React Native plugins to third party applications
  • Working with our UI, product and engineering teams to design, develop and iterate a range of prototypes for upcoming features
What you’ll bring:
  • Experience developing in React, React Native, GraphQL
  • Experience with integrating backend technologies (e.g server-side rendering, single sign-on)
  • Understanding of how to implement and maintain design systems
  • Ability to perform end-to-end Javascript testing and compatibility
  • Experience with shipping features via feature flags, phased rollouts and A/B testing
  • Comfort communicating technical topics in English, both verbal and written is dedicated to providing a work environment of trust, transparency, and inclusion for everyone. As a fully remote company we offer flexibility when it comes to working hours and location. Here’s some other things you can expect from us.What we’ll bring:
  • A fully distributed team of creative colleagues in a flat, open and transparent organization - Meet the team, or read our handbook
  • Flexible working hours, and time off in lieu when you work overhours
  • Fully Remote working 
  • 5 paid days off a year for conference attendance or education related commitments 
  • An annual education benefit of $1,500 or equivalent to dedicate to your professional development
  • An annual wellbeing benefit of $500 or equivalent to dedicate to your physical or mental health 
  • A monthly connectivity benefit of $100 or equivalent for you to expense internet costs as a remote worker 
  • Your own annual tech budget, with full initial setup provided
  • Sweet, sweet Swag - Hoodies and other goodies 
  • Quest! - After 3 years, you’ll get 3 weeks paid off work to undertake a profound personal goal, or undertake a bucket list type challenge.
So what’s next?: Apply! Send us your CV showcasing who you are, your experience, and anything else you think we should know! The Team.

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