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1 year ago

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What's Meeters?

We are building a new way to interact with people by leveraging technology.

We have built a community of people to whom we provide a platform to socialize and meet new people with the same interests to spend quality time together.

In 2022, thanks to our 37.000 customers community, we made 25.000 people meet in 1.577 events and 90 travels.

For 2023 and the years to come, internationalization and therefore the transformation into a European scale up awaits us, we’re excited!


What we are looking for

We are looking for a middle-senior Front End Developer to join our amazing Tech Team to speed up the development process and make the front end for our customers more and more attractive. 

Being part of Meeters means growing together with Meeters, increasing your talent and opportunities.

What will you do? Role Highlights

  • Using React, JavaScript to bring concepts to life

  • Developing and maintaining the web and the internal organizational software 

  • Implementing and ensure an usable and intuitive design on websites

  • Provide an advanced interactivity to the product

  • Creating tools that improve site interaction regardless of the browser

  • Managing software workflow

  • Following SEO best practices

  • Fixing bugs and testing for usability

  • Optimize the user experience


Requirements and Attitude:

  • The ability to find the right balance between moving fast and thinking long term

  • A strong sense of ownership (you build, you deploy, you maintain)

  • Love for test-driven development: passionate about writing clean, testable and scalable code

  • Strong knowledge of web technologies, our current frontend stack is React, Next.js, Apollo Client (GraphQL api), Cypress e2e test.

  • Proficient using Git and Github

  • Great communication and synthesis skills

  • Have an analytical and detail focused mindset

  • Startup mindset


Nice to have skills:

  • knowledge of cloud infrastructures, Amazon Web Services

  • UI/UX design skills, knowledge of prototyping tools (Figma)

  • previous startup experience


Company benefits and environment:

You will not get bored doing the same thing every week: we have always new projects in the pipeline that are related to our core product;

This will expose you to new processes: you have the chance to learn and be always updated on the last cutting edge coding technologies;

We are 31 years old on average and we are building the working environment according to our generation’s believes: flat-hierarchy, open for dialog and feedback, inclusive, cooperative, with no-discrimination policy;

We believe in constant updating, that’s why we will provide you the resources you need to keep studying and updating;

You will be part of a team and join us during off-site activities;

Competitive salary with a dynamic progression by the time according to your personal contribution on the tech team results;

You have flexible working conditions and smart working;

Casual dress code enjoying the chance to reach our wonderful new office, that will be equipped with all the necessary comforts;

Free events or trips, according to our Operation Team, if you decide to join them as Meeters Ambassador during the weekend.

If it sounds like your ideal opportunity don't hesitate to submit your CV!


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