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Frontend Lead (f/m/d)

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EUR 70k-90k/year
1 year ago

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Welcome to Chantelle

We are the Chantelle Group - an international design studio based in Paris and a family-owned company that has been designing lingerie since 1876. Through our 6 brands and networks: Chantelle, Chantelle X, Passionata, Femilet, Livera and Darjeeling, built on principles of collaboration and innovation, we seek to think and represent lingerie differently.

Respect, creativity, sustainability and honesty are values that drive us and that we feel are important to defend. For 145 years, we have strived to manage our growth in a virtuous way, while actively contributing to the well-being of our employees and customers. We aspire to take up the great challenges of today, whether they are related to climate change, biodiversity or social justice, to contribute positively to the emergence of tomorrow's world. Finally, we wish to defend beauty in all its forms: that of beings and their diversity, that of nature and its richness, that of our know-how and its history.

We, at Chantelle, are mobilizing to do better. And if you are reading this, it is because, in one way or another, you can accompany us, change is a collective adventure.

As a part of the Chantelle Group, the Digital Lab supports e-commerce and innovative activities.

We create inspirational digital experiences through continuous research for customers looking for expertise and quality in lingerie.

Our values

🤝 Collaboration: We all share one mission and vision, and only together we will overcome our challenges. Team up!

🤗 Respect: Strength lies in differences. Be kind to one another, open your mind, listen, and you will learn from others.

😍 Passion: There are no shortcuts to any place worth going to. Roll up your sleeves and achieve greatness.

🌟 Expertise: Do the right thing without being told. Your initiative and ideas have as much value as your skills.

😇 Transparency: Truth never damages a just cause. Work like an open book and talk to others. That's how you grow.


The Digital Lab team of Chantelle design, develop and operate the main B2C eshops of the Group (also called “products”): Darjeeling, Livera, Femilet and Chantelle eshops.

The team is scattered through Europe and gathers all the key digital skills: design, product management, software engineering, cloud engineering and testing (around ~40 people overall).

The team is co-managed by the Engineering Director, Alexandre Courtiol; and the Digital Product Director, Léonore Turquin.

We are looking for a Frontend Lead to lead our frontend practices and coach all our frontend developers (up to 10 frontend/full-stack developers with different seniority levels) partnering with their Engineering Managers to make them grow.

The scope of work encompasses all our eshops, brands and countries.

The Frontend Lead reports directly to the Engineering Director.


What you will do:

The Frontend Lead will be in charge of:

  • Assuming full responsibility for all frontend applications and their CI/CD pipelines

  • Studying, designing and estimating solutions for new frontend feature requests in collaboration with the product and design teams

  • Reviewing Pull Requests to ensure code quality and maintainability

  • Coaching developers to improve their technical skills

  • Implementing new features and creating seamless user interfaces that match the designs

  • Integrating third-party APIs and SDKs

  • Writing unit and integration tests ensuring that other developers do the same

  • Diagnosing and fixing bugs and performance bottlenecks

  • Reaching out to the open-source community to encourage and help implement bug fixes

  • Tracking new technology developments and taking the lead in keeping dependencies up to date


What we are looking for:

The ideal candidate:

  • Knows professional software engineering principles e.g. clean code, separation of concerns, data structures and algorithms

  • Is proficient in TypeScript and React + browser DOM and APIs

  • Has worked on projects based on a modern framework with SSR (e.g. Next.js, Nuxt...)

  • Has experience with PaaS solutions (e.g. Vercel, Netlify…) and IaC (e.g. CloudFormation, Terraform…)

  • Has already set up e2e tests (e.g. Playwright, Cypress…) and unit tests (e.g. Jest, Mocha...)

  • Always strive for clean, tested, performant and well-documented code

  • Is a pragmatic technical leader who understands what is needed to get things done

  • Has excellent English-language skills to work in an international team

  • Has demonstrated their ability to ship a platform (come with examples)

  • You know what accessibility, microdata, SEO, web performance, semantics, and web vitals (FCP, FID, CLS…) mean and how to make sure that we deliver the best experience for our users and the most optimized site for the bots

What would be some extra pros:

The following are nice to have qualities:

  • Experience working with e-commerce applications

  • Experience working with a Design System

  • Proficiency in Angular

  • Practical knowledge of monorepos (e.g. Nx, Turborepo...) and design-to-code solutions

  • Practical knowledge of GitHub and GitHub Actions

  • French proficiency, both written and spoken


What you'll get:

  • A unique opportunity to join a workplace run on trust, empowerment and feedback with an international team of experts

  • A hybrid work environment, work remotely or from our offices (Berlin or Paris)

  • Flexible work hours outside of our core hours (10 to 16 CET)

  • A dedicated yearly budget for your training and conferences with up to 10 dedicated days

  • 30 paid leaves with extra holidays on the 24th and 31st of December

  • Bi-annual team retreats and monthly team meetups

Our recruitment process:

  • HR Screening ~ 45’

  • Technical Interview (inc. pair programming) ~ 1-2h

  • Cultural fit Interview ~ 1h

  • Offer presentation / Contract negotiation ~ 45’

This job is open to remote work within the EU only (CET +-3h).

If you're outside of the EU we can sponsor your VISA and offer a relocation package.

We are looking forward to having you onboard with us on this journey!


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An international creative studio based in Paris and a family-owned company designing lingerie since 1876.

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