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USD 150k-250k/year
1 year ago

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Level: Mid-Senior
Salary: $150-250K
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Are you passionate about building cutting-edge applications with TypeScript that are both beautiful and functional? Do you want to join a dynamic and growing team of full-stack engineers, designers, and ML experts who are pushing the boundaries of creativity? We’re looking for a full stack engineer who can create modern, beautiful frontend interfaces and harness the power of machine learning models to create solutions, and build amazing tooling to use both internally and externally.

We're looking for a talented individual to create stunning web and mobile experiences swiftly, aiming to go from concept to delivery within one to two weeks. 70% of the role will be focused on the frontend, building delightful experiences for our users. Our stack uses full stack Typescript powered by Blitz. We're seeking a passionate individual to help us improve our developer experience; someone who can make coding magic and guide us through our internal developer journey like a pro. If you're the type of person who loves to explore and create with code, then join us and make coding magic! 🎉

As a Full Stack Software Engineer at Diagram,

  • You will primarily work with engineering and design to create immersive Full Stack experiences.

  • You’ll be creating composable Component and Design System Libraries

  • Work on both the front-end and back-end of our web and mobile applications, using technologies such as React and TypeScript.

  • Implement and improve features, performance, and user experience of our products, following best practices and conducting code reviews.

  • Learn and experiment with new technologies, frameworks, and tools to enhance our products and processes.

  • Have fun, learn, and develop with a helpful and cordial team that appreciates your thoughts and input.

  • Help build reusable APIs that we can use internally and offer to customers as paid products.

  • Help build out the core infrastructure at Diagram

  • Improving Developer Experience and tooling around our mono-repo that increase productivity


  • A React “expert”

    • we know its hard to be an “expert” but we’re looking for someone who considers themselves extremely skilled in React for us is the key to fast delivery, so expertise in either of React / React Native (since they’re essentially the same thing)

  • Typescript Experience

    • a fundamentally good TS Engineer, who writes good code, and can review others code and provide helpful feedback

  • Dev Ops Experience

    • Git Actions

    • CICD pipelines, working with Vercel for deployments

  • ≈ 4-8 Years of Full Stack Experience

    • Working with REST APIs or GraphQL Servers

    • Working React / React Native

    • Experience building backends in typescript

    • Authentication / Authorization

  • Skilled in UI Engineering

    • Can take a design and turn it into a webpage / mobile screen with the use of tailwind

    • Writes reusable components that can be abstracted out throughout our Mono-repo

  • Mobile Experience

    • We don’t have mobile apps yet, but we very likely will in the future. Having an Engineer who has worked with

      • Building Mobile Apps in React Native / Swift

      • Deploying Mobile Apps

      • CICD Pipelines with Mobile Apps

      • Can get mobile apps out quick. Speed is key ⚡

  • An Eagerness to learn about ML and understand how it impacts us.

    • Experience with Stable Diffusion / OpenAI products


  • Basic understanding of design methods & tools

    • Basic understanding of typography / color / icons

    • Worked with designers in Figma

  • Desire to dig in and learn about design as practiced today and help define its future

Our stack

We try to pick “boring” technologies when possible and save innovation for the specific demands of our products, eg server-sent-events


  • We ❤️ Typescript

  • React + Next.js

  • Node + Express + RPC


  • Swift + SwiftUI


  • Vercel

  • AWS

  • Modal

  • PlanetScale

Good to Have’s (But Not required)

  • Building Figma Plugins

  • Animation Experience

  • Swift Experience

  • TRPC Experience

  • SQL Experience

  • AWS Experience

  • Any sort of ML Experience in general is great

    • Python Experience

    • Stable Diffusion Experience

  • Webpack / ESBuild and JS Dev tools experience

  • Working in a fast pace moving startup

  • Knowledge of Queueing Systems, Caching

  • Keep up to date with the latest Javascript and Typescript libraries that come out

Application Process

  • click “apply” on our read.cv page

  • quick chat with someone on the team

  • skills assessment eg

    • quick questions related to your past engineering experience

    • explain how you solved X in the past)

  • paid take-home project

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