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11 months ago

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Job Description

(Fully remote, 50%+ overlap with UK working hours required)

DebugBear is looking for an experienced JavaScript developer.

What we do

DebugBear is a site speed testing and monitoring service. We help companies make their websites load faster and improve their Google Core Web Vitals metrics.

We're a small business and you will be working directly with the technical founder. In this role you get to have an impact on all aspects of the product.

The role

As a full stack developer you will:
  1. Implement and maintain product features while keeping in mind user experience, implementation costs, and maintainability
  2. Make the product scale to a larger number of users
  3. Ensure the product is reliable and secure
  4. Working in an early-stage company, you need to be able to take on a variety of tasks and complete them successfully, sometimes in the absence of established processes. You need to be mindful of customer needs to understand and challenge requirements.
Working at DebugBear

We value building a stable product that doesn't break unexpectedly, especially not outside work hours. For example, that means working with proven technologies where possible and writing automated tests.

While there is some flexibility with work hours, this is not an asynchronous role and we expect fairly consistent work hours. Frequent communication is expected.

Collaboration is mostly through Slack and GitHub, but this might change in the future as needed.

Tech stack

Here are some of the technologies we use:

  1. TypeScript
  2. React
  3. Express
  4. Postgres
  5. Google Cloud
  6. Jest, Puppeteer
  7. Sass CSS

Application process

  1. Introductory call discussing the role and your experience
  2. Technical interview
  3. An additional call as needed to discuss details
  4. Reference checks
  5. Offer

Have questions?

Email if you have questions about the role.


You will need at least 3 years of commercial development experience, including significant experience with:

  1. Node
  2. JavaScript
  3. React
  5. Relational databases (e.g. Postgres/MySQL)
Bonus points

We also value experience with the following:

  1. TypeScript
  2. Web performance optimization
  3. Building SaaS products
  4. Building developer tools
  5. Working for a small business
  • Fully remote
  • Budget: $4,000 to $6,000 per month 28 days off a year


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