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1 year ago

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Job DescriptionAbout the role

Jack’s Flight Club is a fully remote business with team members all over the world. We’re committed to uncovering outrageous deals on flights, removing the barriers to travel and unlocking ways to make our members’ travel goals happen, reaching places they never thought possible, going on more vacations, taking more adventures or visiting friends and family across the globe.

We are looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer to join our development team. We need a commercially experienced software developer who can contribute to making our services, platform and mobile applications better for our 1,000,000+ members and internal users.

This role will focus on expanding and supporting our flight finding technologies, known internally as Dealbot. It runs 24/7 looking for the best deals, and interacts directly with our flight finding team.

Our in-house technology stack is a combination of Python and Javascript services. Our services are cloud based being served from a variety of cloud providers, including AWS and GCP. Our platform architecture and services are distributed across:

  1. Python, Node.js - Backend services and tools.
  2. MongoDB, Redis and Postgres - Databases and caching.
  3. Angular, React - Web applications.
  4. React-Native - Mobile apps on iOS and Android.
  5. We also work with a range of third party service providers to provide tools and services via APIs and automations.

As well as working on Dealbot you can also expect to work on projects covering any aspect of our systems, so be open to learn and share your knowledge! You’ll be contributing quickly and significantly to our development sprints, delivering new features and resolving issues across the platform as needed.

You’ll also participate in architecture, design and estimation sessions, brainstorming solutions and approaches to business problems.


The purpose of this role is to provide high quality technology solutions efficiently, that make a real difference to us and our members.


In this role you will be responsible for:

  1. Developing and maintaining our automation & flight finding technologies (Dealbot).
  2. Generating and deploying professional quality, commercial code that is efficient and effective and solves business problems.
  3. Actively contributing towards improving our tools, process and platform.
  4. Supporting other engineering team members, responding to and asking for help.
  5. Seeking out and creating clarity in technical
  6. design.
About you
  • We’d like you to be a solution oriented developer who enjoys problem-solving and being an active contributor to challenge thinking and approaches.

  • \You’ll be joining a small team working fully remotely, so you’ll need to be comfortable working independently, able to self-organise and be disciplined in your working practices.

  • Working remotely has unique challenges, so you’ll need to be committed to great communication and open to making suggestions for changes and improvements that make you and the team better every day.

Experience and Requirements

You must have at least 2 years of commercial experience as a developer and be able to demonstrate professional competence with:

  1. Deep understanding of Python and its ecosystem.
  2. Experience working on large existing codebases.
  3. One or more Python web frameworks - eg. FastAPI/Flask/Django
  4. API testing
  5. One or more database technologies - SQL or NoSQL
  6. Containerisation with Docker
  7. Experience with container orchestration
  8. Although we have team members all over the world, English is the company’s first language, so you must have good conversational and technical spoken and written English language skills.
We’d like it if you also have some of the following:
  1. Can show you have a passion for code and technology e.g. contributing to open source projects.
  2. A willingness to learn new things and implement the latest technologies.
  3. Experience in developing frontend and backend Javascript/Typescript applications.
  4. An interest in travel.
  5. Data science using Pandas/Numpy or similar


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We bring our members cheap flights to amazing destinations around the world. Join over 1.5 million members, saving an average of £402 per ticket booked!

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