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1 year ago

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The first brick and mortar Prisma store was opened 50 years ago, and the chain has then become an iconic part of the Finnish everyday life. With Prisma we have expanded from stores next to parking lots and fields to pixels on screen, and now we have started yet another chapter in the story of The new completely rewritten webstore was just launched and now we’re eagerly developing it to become the leader in the market and want you to jump in on our bandwagon! The Northern Stars of this new era are client-centric and omni-channel thinking, data-drivenness and optimization of supply chains.  


Fullstack Engineer,  

  We are looking for a Fullstack Engineer to develop our new eCom solution. We are utilizing a headless eCom engine in the background while building our own frontend and supporting backend microservices. Codewise you’ll be bumping into TypeScript, Node.js, React, Next.js. The infra is built on AWS API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB and EKS – using Serverless framework, Terraform and Gitlab pipelines for deployment. The teams manage their own cloud deployment as well as the CI/CD pipelines, but there’s always expertise available from the DevOps & Developer Experience team.  

Your future team has developers, designers, QA engineers, businesspeople and analytics professionals. The team is split into squads to create a meaningful and productive environment for daily work. We work in a hybrid setting with at least one office day per week, though some of us like to spend more time in the office.  


What we hope from you  

  • Relevant experience with the tech stack we use: TypeScript, Node.js, React, Next.js, AWS (API GW, Lambda, DynamoDB, EKS)  

  • A generalist attitude towards building software  

  • A team player mindset and a communicative working style  

  • Fluent English in work related matters  

  • Clear and proactive communication  

 Previous experience of developing eCommerce solutions is very much appreciated but not required – we also appreciate your willingness and ability to learn!  


What we offer in return   

On top of a respectful salary, superb company benefits and the finest colleagues, this is what we offer in return:  

  • Influence and responsibility. Our engineers have a lot of freedom in their work, but they also live with their solutions, and so do millions of users too   

  • Ownership. You’re creating services directly for the end-users. You’re not visiting a project; you own the product  

  • Workplace democracy. Our ways of working are not set in stone. Together we’ll continuously improve the ways of developing products and services in the biggest private employer in Finland.  

  • Reasonable workload. Our supportive community with its great ways of working, setting realistic expectations and the possibility of hybrid work all adds up to less stress for you  

  • An opportunity to gain know-how and technical competence in wide-ranging technology domains (like web, mobile and cloud) as well as business sectors (restaurants, hotels, online retail and service stations)  

  • An opportunity to improve and influence the daily lives of millions of people  

  • Concrete and rewarding end-results, which you can experience yourself by using S Group’s services, when doing your grocery shopping, fueling or staying in a hotel.


About SOK Digital Development  

The team is part of the SOK Digital Development community where we develop web services and apps for the whole S Group – digitalizing the S Group services. The businesses include grocery stores, consumer goods/fashion/beauty stores, bank services, fuel/service stations, hotels and restaurants.  

SOK is owned by the businesses a.k.a. co-operatives, which are owned by their customers. This means we are not on the leash of VC capital or investors – rather we develop services directly for the end users, who are also our owners. We operate with the freedom, responsibility and stability that comes with it.  

We believe in community internally and externally, are design conscious and pride ourselves on our open-source commitment. We have a blossoming DevOps culture, and we use modern tools and lean on democratic development standards. We have a holistic philosophy for modern and pure software development practices.


Our Process  

Please submit your CV in English and cover letter here. Do it rather sooner than later, since we start processing applications as soon as they’re submitted. Our recruiter will be in touch with you promptly! Once contact has been made, you will have the opportunity to ask what questions you may have about this job, our people, and what your future could look like at SOK.  

Our interview process is both respectful and comprehensive. You’ll meet our recruiter Saima-Maija (, Team Leader Jaakko and later your future teammates. We’ll be discussing technical things as well as softer skills, and it’s possible we’ll set up a code-related exercise. The aim is to ensure we can offer what you’re looking for, and to make sure you're the right person for the job. Despite the outcome we strive to make the process a positive one.  


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