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Fullstack Software Engineer


USD 30k-60k/year
1 year ago

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About Pulppo

Pulppo is building Shopify for the real estate brokerages in Latin America. We provide them with performance analytics software, automatic online property listings, a valuation tool and a CRM. We will charge 20% of the 166 billions dollars in annual commissions they generate.  From our integrated tool we automate non-value added activities, and give visibility and transparency to agents (CRM) and customers (buyer collaboration, seller dashboard). By integrating the entire process, we empower agents to deliver an improved customer journey and more efficient process.

About the role

Skills: CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Node.js, Python, React, TypeScript

We are looking for: Fullstack Software Engineer

Pulppo has the great challenge of being a technological partner of a low-tech market!

We are looking for someone with experience to be responsible for the development and deployment of much of our front-end and back-end applications. Responsibilities will range from designing part of the architecture (we use microservices) to high-level development and testing.

As a Fullstack Software Engineer we need someone with strong software development skills, experience with web development (mobile first) both backend and frontend, and great problem solving skills.

Goals of the role include:

  • Meet with the software development team to define the scope and scale of software projects.

  • Design software architecture

  • Implement design patterns and data structures

  • Design and implement scalable web microservices, web applications and APIs.

  • Develop and maintain software tools for internal usage

  • Programming and knowledge of high and low level languages

  • Find and resolve bugs

  • Improve software efficiency

  • Collaborate with the development team to design microservices

If you are interested, send your application and let us meet you!

About the person we are looking for. You are (or have):

  • Previous experience (minimum 3 years) as a fullstack developer

  • Advanced knowledge in frontend languages, specifically: react, next.js, javascript, typescript, css, sass, ideally ant design and tailwind

  • Advanced knowledge of backend languages: node.js, typescript, express.js, ideally python

  • Knowledge of non-relational databases (mongoDB) and ideally relational (postgress)

  • Ability to identify and solve problems

  • Familiarity with javascript frameworks

  • Good communication skills

  • Understanding of project management tools

About the interview

At Pulppo, we are changing the Proptech landscape by improving the way users buy and sell properties. We created the first tech-enabled real estate broker for Latin America.

We were frustrated with the fact that, while buying a property should be a simpIe and joyful process, it’s usually complicated and full of frustrations. So we set off to change it.

By bringing together the best agents in Mexico, and providing them with all the tools they need to be the best at their jobs, we create a unique experience for end users where buying or selling a property is a transparent and centralized process.

After successfully raising nearly $5MM seed funding round and having been invited to join some of the most important accelerators in LATAM, we are now bringing together the best dreamers, strategists, and executioners to meet our 2022 of growing to 10 offices, 4 cities, 2 countries and $1.5MMUSD in revenue.

This journey is fast paced, exciting and not for everyone. Apply if you have what it takes and looking for a challenge.


Our infrastructure is based on a microservice architecture. Each of the microservices use modern web technologies such as typescript, react, next.js and tailwind for the frontend and typescript, express.js and node.js for the backend. Even some of our microservices run in python (mostly for data-driven tasks or ML models). For databases we prefer using mongoDB, but we are open to the idea of using postgresql or other relational databases if they better solve the problem. We are also developing some machine learning and computer vision applications using keras, tensorflow and opencv (even some tensorflow.js for frontend apps). On the infrastructure side of things, all our microservices are dockerized and running on kubernetes (some on lambda functions/serverless).


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Buy, sell and rent intelligently with Pulpo. Partner with a local real estate agent to find the luxury home for you.

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