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Javascript Developer (React)

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1 year ago

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About Wow AI, Inc:

We are a global provider of end-to-end AI training solutions, incorporated in the US. We revolutionize the way AI teams build AI products. We provide both OTS, tailor-made datasets, and a comprehensive end-to-end platform offering AI teams to easily crawl and auto-label data, then auto-train and auto-deploy models in a production environment.

Our mission is to focus on delivering the highest quality of AI training data for a better AI algorithm, with a vision to become an all-in-one platform for all AI data services at a global scale. In order to bring value as a close-knit and trustworthy collection of global crowds Tech-driven mindsets. Visit our website for more information.

Our DNA is a globally distributed company that allows you to work fully remotely with flexible working hours, we always work with folks from all walks of life with no borders.

Job type:

  • Full-time;

  • Flexible working hours;

  • Willing to work with a Startup mindset.

Number of headcounts: 01

Location: Remote from anywhere

Reporting line: AI Technical Leader

Your responsibilities:

We are looking for a highly skilled and experienced JavaScript Developer (REACT) to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing and developing web applications that utilize our AI technology to create interactive and engaging user experiences.

  • Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

  • Collaborate with UI UX designers and project managers to create interactive user experiences that utilize AI technology

  • Use JavaScript libraries and frameworks to build complex web applications

  • Work with our AI team to integrate AI models and algorithms into web applications

  • Test and debug web applications to ensure high-quality and optimal performance

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest web development trends and technologies, particularly those related to AI


Education & Experiences

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Information Technology; or related field.

  • At least 5-year working experience as a JavaScript Developer (REACT).

Knowledge & Skills

  • Having extensive expertise in React framework is a must

  • Strong experience with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

  • Experience with popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks

  • Experience with not just Front-end but also back-end technologies

  • Strong understanding of web development concepts and principles

  • Experience with version control systems

  • Strong problem-solving and debugging skills

  • Understanding AI concepts and technologies is a strong advantage


Based salary: Negotiable


  • Insurance support: 100 USD/month. Applied after the probation.

  • Work-from-home allowance: 50 USD/month. Applied after the probation.

Bonuses and gifts:

  • Birthday gift.

  • Holiday gifts.

  • Year-end party.

  • Company anniversary party.

  • Performance bonus at the end of the year (cash).

  • All-hands Company Trip each year.


  • Public holidays. Take time off and spend it with your family during your country’s public national/regional/state holidays.

  • Annual leave: 12 days/year and to be pro-rata rated for the actual monthly working period for full-time staff. Applied after the probation.

  • Sick leave with pay: maximum 6 days/year, on top of the 12-day annual leave credit, for full-time staff. Applied after the probation.

  • Period leave: 1 day each month for female employees.

  • Personal leave policy for special cases.

Training and recognition

  • Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) can be applied after a (1) year working contribution, depending on the Company’s business results and the individual’s performance.

  • Salary review after 6 months or 1 year working at the company.

  • Performance recognition and promotion opportunities for consistently good performance.

  • Other internal training programs.

Working environment

  • Fully remote

  • Flexible working hours, divide your working time within a day and week to work then enjoy your work-life balance style.

  • Startup working environment with young and talented people across the globe.

  • The opportunity to meet and work with global professionals around the world to expand your network.

Application process:

  • Resume screening

  • Ability Test

  • Culture Interview with the TA Specialist

  • Technical Interview with the Head of AI Engineer and CEO

  • Offer discussion with the CHRO.

  • Contract Signing


To apply, please click to fill out your application.

Please note:

  • The application process may be slightly modified (shortened or prolonged) when necessary.

  • Candidates must commit not to work full-time or part-time for other parties while working for Wow AI, Inc.

  • We're all about remote work and have collaborators based all around the world, and English is our primary language. Therefore, an English CV is required.


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