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2 years ago

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Job Description

Freedom of the Press Foundation is seeking a contract frontend developer to implement frontend web components for our websites including the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker,, and

We’re a small team of web developers working on high impact projects. The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker is the canonical source of aggressions against press freedom in the U.S. is the website for our open source whistleblower submission platform, which is used by major news organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

Our ideal candidate knows React and, though not necessarily a designer, can take partially mocked up or specified features and flesh them out into working components that fit within our design system.

The contract is for 6 months, with a possibility of renewal. You may be in any time zone but we prefer candidates who are available for communication during afternoon work hours EST.

Scope of Work

In coordination with Freedom of the Press Foundation’s Principal Web Developer:

  • Implement and refine frontend components for the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker,, and including, but not limited to:
  • Smart search bar
  • Data visualizations
  • Interactive database filter tools
  • Donation and membership forms, integrated with our payment processors
  • Page templates
  • Integrate frontend components with Python APIs and server-side templates
  • Make visual and functional fixes to templates and JavaScript components
  • Improve frontend test coverage
  • Additional tasks and projects as coordinated with the Principal Web Developer
Desired qualifications
  • Expertise in modern HTML and CSS as well as familiarity with accessibility and progressive enhancement techniques.
  • Experience with JavaScript toolchains such as Webpack and Babel.
  • Experience with React and JSX.
  • UI/UX design competence is a plus.
  • Experience with Python, Django, or Wagtail is not required, but is a plus.
Term of Contract

The contract will commence on a mutually agreeable date no later than October 31st 2022 for an initial duration of 6 months.

Payments and Schedule
  • All proposals should suggest a schedule describing fees and hours. The contractor will be paid consistent with that schedule, invoiced monthly. The contractor will need to cover all legally required deductions, taxes and benefits out of this amount. FPF is prepared to allocate a fixed budget of $40,000 to this initial contract.


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