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2 years ago

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About Airtm

Airtm exists because money in Latin America is broken. It constantly loses its value making it difficult for people to preserve their wealth and to participate in the global economy. Our mission is to free Latin America's money by giving everyone in the region a globally connected dollar account. With Airtm anyone can save, spend, send and receive dollars as if they were in the United States. More than two million have already signed up for financial freedom. With your help building and operating our Controllership and Financial Operations functions we will be able to give financial freedom to another 98 million.

About the role

Airtm is seeking a Backend Developer who has experience in web app development with a database back end who wants to take the next step in their career and join our world-class, engineering organization.

As a Backend Developer on the Tech team for Airtm, you will be developing internal and client-facing web apps, web pages, and productivity tools with a team of other software developers and engineers. You will be involved in the entire process from setting application requirements, creating data models, and then developing and testing the interface.

You will be at the forefront of our most advanced and technically rewarding projects to create a great product while also reducing financial risks to people.

Experience and stack required

  • Proficient understanding of: JavaScript/ NodeJS, git, and standard agile practices.

  • Good overall understanding of web application architectures.

  • Ideally experienced with large scale and high availability applications. asynchronous request handling (e.g. Promises, Asyncio)

  • Advanced / Fluent in English

  • SQL

  • Standard software engineering best practices e.g. testing, QA/QC, etc.

Bonus but not required:

  • Typescript

  • AWS

  • GraphQL

  • Postgres

Hiring Process

  • Intro Screening Call

  • CTO call

  • Team Call

  • Live coding challenge

Airtm financially empowers citizens in countries with broken economies. We believe it is not fair for people to lose their hard-earned money to inflation, to be disconnected from the global economy, or to lose 90% of their value when receiving a remittance.

Airtm’s globally accessible dollar account allows anyone to hold their wealth in a stable currency, participate in the global economy and cash out remittances at fair exchange rates.

We need to give everyone access to Airtm, now. We need you. Come join us


Join thousands of people who hold and move money using Airtm. Open a free account with us today and start saving.

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