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Senior Front-end Developer


1 year ago

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💪 The mission

We are redefining the future of gaming by bringing professionally-made games to the browser.

Why is it important?

Billions of people surf the web daily to entertain themselves, reading blogs, watching movies, listening to music and much more. But what they have not been able to do is play high quality games. If you want to play professionally-made games, you either need to download and install game clients on your computer, or reach to your mobile for a more accessible experience.

By enabling professionally-made games to be played in the browser, more people are able to enjoy great games, and game studios can find brand new audiences.

How are we different?

Trail makes gaming easier than watching YouTube by allowing games to be played in the browser. No downloads. No installs. No paywalls. Just play. The time it takes to start playing a game on Trail is less than the time it takes to finish reading this sentence. Don’t believe us? Just visit and enjoy zero-friction gaming.

Our mission is to bring down the barriers to gaming by providing creators with tools that make their games truly accessible, easily discoverable, and virally shareable - with games just one click away from billions of potential players.

🎮 The role

We are looking for a senior frontend developer to join our growing team and help us build the best games platform, both for users and game developers.

We are still a small team so you will have a strong impact in our company and engineering culture. We want to work with people who are curious and passionate about their craft.

For us, this is a long-term relationship, we believe our employees are our greatest assets and hope that you can grow with us, and have fun along the way :)

Tech stack

Our tech stack consists mainly of a GoLang backend and a React front-end. The backend is deployed in GCP using Kubernetes. Most of the inter-service communication is done through gRPC.


  • Develop and maintain the front-end of our platform.

  • Work closely with the design team providing them with feedback and proposing alternative solutions when required.

  • Evaluate and communicate the pros, cons, and costs of each potential solution or implementation.

  • Be proactive about necessary architectural changes and refactors.

  • Mentor junior developers.

🌟 About you

Technical skills

  • Knowledge of React and JavaScript/TypeScript and/or experience writing client-side web apps. And, of course, a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and other essential web technologies.

  • Experience with Webpack

  • Server-side rendering

  • Have experience working with source control, preferably Git.

Soft skills

  • Good at communicating; you enjoy teaching and explaining things to other developers.

  • Eager to learn and challenge yourself.

  • Pragmatic, curious, and not afraid of challenging problems.

  • Respectful of other people's skills and knowledge.


  • You enjoy a hybrid working environment.

  • Have a valid permit that allows you to work in Sweden.

⚡️ Our Process

  1. Intro Call

  2. Technical challenge

  3. Culture Interview

*We would love to meet you in-person during our process. Huge plus if you can have at least one interview in our office.


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