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Senior Front-End Developer - Blockchain, Crypto


1 year ago

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Clearmatics is a blockchain protocol engineering company that builds decentralised financial market infrastructures that are more open, efficient, and resilient than those serving legacy market structures of today.

We have a bold vision for this new market infrastructure - enabling market participants to solve currently unaddressed problems of the real economy, including “missing markets” problems. We aim to achieve our vision through technologies that allow peer-to-peer trading and settlement within new markets, and with digital assets whose values track real-world risk factors that currently have no suitable expression in legacy markets.

No matter the nature of a risk factor, whether macro-economic or climactic, our mission is to make important risk factors tradable; by anyone, anywhere, without reliance on financial intermediaries. We are building this new infrastructure in collaboration with incredible trading and blockchain communities.

Clearmatics was founded in 2015, and we have ever since been committed advocates of Open Source development, and active participants in the blockchain and cryptography research communities. We’ve been an active participant and supporter of decentralized infrastructure initiatives including Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

We’re growing our team and are looking for a Senior Front-End Developer to join us and become part of our journey.

Our stack is Ethereum-like, so familiarity with – and passion for – the space is key.

Some of the areas we tackle include blockchain infrastructure optimized for financial use-cases, protocols for specific applications (such as smart contract-based derivatives, synthetic assets, cryptocurrency stabilization, …), scalability and privacy through cryptography (zkSNARKs, multiparty computation, private transactions/assets).


You will have ownership of Front-End development.

This will involve designing, building, and maintaining key front-end resources including:

  • Prominent websites such as the company site and project-specific microsites

  • Web applications that enable decentralized market use cases on the blockchain

  • Data-rich interactive dashboards and visualisations that engage and inform

  • Documentation sites that end users rely on to build applications and services

  • Open-source blockchain web components and frameworks for end-users to integrate


  • 5+ years of commercial experience in web application development

  • Strong JavaScript programming skills (and ideally TypeScript)

  • An appreciation of UX and web design concepts

  • Experience working with SQL and GraphQL data sources

  • Good understanding of modern web application architecture

  • Experience with browser testing and debugging

  • Proficiency with Unix commandline tools and package management

  • Experience maintaining git repos and CI automation jobs

  • Excellent analytical and multitasking skills

  • A portfolio of your front-end work that you can demonstrate


We are especially interested in candidates with significant experience in developing:

  • Web apps built using decentralized web technologies

  • Dapps on Ethereum using Web3 JavaScript APIs

  • Visualisations for high-frequency time series data

  • Interactive API documentation browsers and generators

  • Financial market front-end applications


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We design protocols and build platforms for decentralised markets.

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