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Senior Frontend Engineer


2 years ago

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As a senior frontend engineer you will work alongside a small team of engineers, creatives, and project managers (about 20 people) working on droppp.io and various websites supporting our digital collectible releases across multiple brands.This is a contract position.Your Superpowers in Action
  • Implement responsive frontend web apps that interface directly with backend APIs using the latest HTML, CSS, and JavaScript techniques.
  • Build reusable and flexible React components that adhere to evolving design systems.
  • Implement advanced animations and transitions with performance and ease of use in mind.
Must-Have Superhero Gadgetry
  • In-depth knowledge of the latest frontend frameworks, libraries, and techniques including TypeScript, Next.js, React, Sass, and Tailwind CSS.
  • Understanding of how to design frontend web apps in a scalable and workflow friendly manner by building reusable components and patterns.
  • Strong attention to detail and clean code.
  • Knowledge of performance optimization techniques for mobile and desktop browsers.
  • 5+ years of experience as a frontend focused software developer.
Nice to Have
  • Knowledge of the latest automated UI and unit testing tools and techniques.


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Droppp is the premier platform for buying and collecting pop culture NFTs with super easy and secure purchase methods.

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