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Senior Frontend Engineer


2 years ago

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Job Description


Fingerprint empowers developers to stop online fraud at the source.

We work on turning radical new ideas in the fraud detection space into reality. Our products are developer-focused and our clients range from solo developers to publicly traded companies. Some of our customers include: Coinbase,, Yahoo, and eBay just to name a few.

We are a globally dispersed, 100% remote company with a strong open-source focus. Our flagship open source project is Fingerprint (16K stars on GitHub).

We have raised $44M and are backed by Craft Ventures (previously invested in Tesla, Facebook, Airbnb), Nexus VP (previously invested in Postman, Hasura) and Uncorrelated Ventures (previously invested in Redis, Rollbar & Gradle).

We’re looking for a senior frontend engineer to maintain and improve our JavaScript agents (FingerprintJS and the browser SDK of Fingerprint Pro). This position doesn’t imply making user interfaces, it implies working with browser and server APIs. JavaScript agents are projects made by developers for developers with love.

Examples of Projects you may work on:
  • Design, document and implement new features of the JavaScript agents
  • Conduct experiments with the agents
  • Use native browser JavaScript APIs (we use few third-party libraries in runtime)
  • Push TypeScript and other tools to their limit
  • Contribute to an OSS project with 17K+ stars and 23B+ monthly usages
  • Optimize the code (both size and performance)
  • Write unit tests for their code and check it manually
  • Work with engineers who develop the backend for the SDK
  • Make Node.js scripts that help build, test and update the agents
  • Strong TypeScript knowledge
  • Experience of writing asynchronous code with parallel execution
  • Being comfortable working with browser APIs (DOM, AJAX, page lifecycle events, etc.)
  • General understanding of the HTTP protocol and web security
  • Jasmine, Jest or a similar test framework
  • Passion for writing ideal code
  • High level of personal ownership and autonomy, which requires experience working without clearly defined requirements
  • Good English for verbal and written communications inside the company
An ideal candidate will also have:
  • Experience with Rollup
  • Experience configuring GitHub Actions
  • Deep knowledge of browser JavaScript APIs
  • Browser automation experience
  • Experience with Open API
  • Historical record of open source contributions
  • Experience with technical writing
  • Willing to learn something new
Our stack:
  • Backend: TypeScript, Node, Express.
  • Frontend: TypeScript, React, Storybook.
  • AWS (Elastic Beanstalk, RDS/Aurora, SQS)
  • Netlify/CloudFront.
  • PostgreSQL.

Offers vary depending on, but not limited to, relevant experience, education, certifications/licenses, skills, training, and market conditions.

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive work environment for everyone. We embrace and celebrate the unique experiences, perspectives and cultural backgrounds that each employee brings to our workplace. Fingerprint strives to foster an environment where our employees feel respected, valued and empowered, and our team members are at the forefront in helping us promote and sustain an inclusive workplace. We highly encourage people from underrepresented groups in tech to apply.


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Fingerprint51-200 employees
Accurate device fingerprinting solution. FingerprintJS is the top open-source browser fingerprinting library. Prevent fraud, spam, and account takeovers.

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