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2 years ago

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ABOUT is on a mission to change the employer/employee relationship to make it equitable, borderless and flexible for both. We are doing this by developing a decentralised platform for tech talent from across the world to collaborate together and by integrating with existing systems for client.

We are passionate about remote work and support the initiative that everyone should be able to work from anywhere. Being a remote-first company, we offer a flexible work environment, but we also expect a high level of independent drive and enthusiasm.

We have been growing 3x YoY and are now looking to hire a Principal Software Engineer to help us better understand our target audience and accelerate growth.

Mandatory Skills:

  • 5+ years of object-oriented software development experience

  • Ability to deliver high quality, fully-tested, production-ready code React, JavaScript

  • Ability and willingness to implement MVC architectures using modern JavaScript frameworks

  • Working knowledge of calling and consuming RESTful web services

  • Expertise in creating rich interfaces using HTML, JavaScript and CSS

  • Experience interacting with SQL flavored database systems, preferably with MySQLPostgreSQL

  • Exposure to unit testing libraries

  • Experience building maintainable and testable code bases, including API design and unit testing techniques

  • Experience with multithreading programming and mobile memory management


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