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Software Engineer (React.js, JavaScript, Python)


2 years ago

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Epsilon3 is the OS for spacecraft and complex operations. We are an experienced team of engineering and design leaders from SpaceX, Google, Northrop, and Stanford. Our team worked firsthand on over 100 launches, including training and coordinating operations for multiple astronauts who successfully traveled to space and back. Epsilon3 is the result of decades of learning and delivers on the promise of making testing and operations as efficient, error-free, and enjoyable as possible. We are backed by Y Combinator and other world-class investors.

We are looking for software engineers to join our team who are passionate about space and building scalable, reliable software quickly. You will be responsible for creating delightful user experiences that solve very complex problems. We are currently using technologies such as React, CouchDB, AWS GovCloud, and Python, and we expect our stack will evolve rapidly over time as we hone our solutions and approach.

This is an exciting role in a fast-growing company. The ideal candidate is someone who has experience designing and implementing software systems from requirements to production and deployment.

Some of the technical challenges we’re undertaking

  • Real-time synchronization of data and user interfaces across earth and space

  • Visualization of many complex data fields

  • Integration of multiple high-bandwidth data streams for real-time processing and display

  • Multiple deployment environments including cloud and on-premises

  • Mission-critical security and reliability requirements

  • Supporting complex workflows and detailed tracking while also maintaining simplicity and delightfulness of user experience


  • Design, build, test, and release our web-based operational dashboards, electronic procedure tools, and suite of specialized software solutions to support various space missions

  • Create software to support simple and complex computation on datasets for decision making and autonomous execution

  • Build and deploy high quality code on a daily basis for rapid iteration and testing with users

  • Design APIs and integration solutions for various proprietary and open-source telemetry and command and control systems

  • Rapidly prototype demos and proof-of-concepts for customer meetings

  • Join and actively participate in customer discovery calls and technical demonstrations

  • Analyze and enhance efficiency, stability, and scalability of software systems

  • Support software QA and user testing

  • Assess third-party and open source software and develop integrations

  • Contribute to the growth and refinement of our engineering culture, processes, and tools


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field

  • 5+ years of experience in production software engineering

  • Proficiency in React, JavaScript, and Python

  • Strong foundation in computer science concepts (algorithms, data structures, object-oriented programming, design, testing, etc.)

  • Self-starter and able to navigate ambiguity and assess rapidly evolving priorities

  • Strong team player with great communication skills and collaborative work ethic

  • Love of learning (technical and otherwise)

  • Experience in fast-growing tech startups is a plus

  • Experience with Lean Startup methodologies (agile software development and customer development) is a plus

  • US Citizenship and/or Permanent Residency (future security clearance may be required) - must be located in the United States


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Epsilon3 is the OS for spacecraft and complex operations.

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