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1 year ago

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We are looking for a Software Engineer experienced in developing user interfaces to join us! 

SOK IT, Development & Design 

We are a collection of 400 unique and diverse talents in Finland inside the 40,000 person S-Group which is Finland’s largest private employer. We are tasked with providing expert and strategic guidance to all of S-Group, its cooperatives and its owners, who are ultimately, millions of regular Finns. So essentially our shareholders, are you! We are therefore motivated to excel not by increasing profits for a small group of the 1%, rather to help our neighbors, our families, our fellow Finns and ex-pat neighbors, ourselves.  

We are uniquely positioned inside S-Group with billions of rows of data from multiple use cases and business domains, all intimately connected to Finns as they/we go about our daily routines. We build SW products, apps and services highlighted by the regular dialogue between digital and IRL worlds, which genuinely makes our work consistently intriguing. We are design conscious, we believe in community internally and externally, pride ourselves on our open source commitment, our blossoming DevOps culture, and our use of modern tools and democratic development standards for an holistic philosophy to modern and pure software development practices. 

The team 

Our team sits at the crossroads between customer master data systems, digital services, points of sales and customer service. We power S-group digital services and commerce with loyalty data and make sure our customer service staff have the right tools and visibility to customer data. We are an agile and autonomous team and take ownership of our solutions from both dev and ops point of view. 

The Job 

Your daily work includes developing our applications and creating and validating UI prototypes. You also contribute in making technology choices, improving our ways of working, writing test automation for your code and the occasional debugging of issues. You stay up-to-date on the developments on UI related technology and company-level shared efforts such as Design System. You keep the end customer and business in mind and create world class user experiences with scalable and secure solutions. You also keep in mind the 24/7 availability of the deployed service and what is needed to secure that. 

We run our services on AWS and develop using Kotlin, TypeScript, Next.js and React. GraphQL is our primary technology for APIs. Security and privacy are essential in everything we do. 


We expect you to bring: 

  • Strong software engineering background, especially in UI related technologies 

  • Experience in creating UI prototypes (Figma) 

  • Experience in designing modern digital service architectures 

  • Good understanding of agile software development, DevOps, test automation, and related practices 

  • In work-related matters you communicate fluently in English, Finnish language skills will be appreciated 


What we offer you 

  • Possibility to design and build systems that have an effect on daily lives of millions of people 

  • Stable, flexible and development-oriented working environment based on responsible and co-operative principles 

  • Community of skilled IT professionals and peer support 

  • Reasonable workload and a possibility to choose your daily work rhythm 

  • As a large organization we have room to grow professionally and diverse career opportunities 

  • Wide range of employee benefits from our own products and services as well as partners 

  • The usual: occupational healthcare, sports and culture benefit and lunch benefit in our staff restaurant 

Our Process 

Please submit your CV and cover letter here. Our recruiters will be in touch with you. Once contact has been made, you will have the opportunity to ask what questions you may have about this job, our people, and what your future could look like at SOK. 

Our interview process is comprehensive, and relatively painless. You will meet our hiring manager, your future teammates, and our HR team to give you a realistic picture of what it’s like to work here. As with our working culture, our candidate process exudes a nurturing environment of psychological safety coupled by a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your compatibility, technically and socially. In short: we are good people, looking for more, good people.  

We look forward to meeting you! 


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