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1 year ago

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Here at SOK Digital Development, we want to develop our services on the world-class level and aim for high quality and usability. For the past years we have been building our renewed team at SOK Digital Development; we brought the developers, designers and the businesspeople together and started working as one team, focusing on solving challenges and helping each other, instead of defining formal structures or boundaries. Everything is not ready yet (and probably never will), but we are on the right path, and this is where you jump in!  


Web Engineer,  

The past years have been a rough ride for the hotel business, but it has further highlighted the need for the digital services we continue developing further. We are renewing our site, which is the biggest on-going IT project of S Group's travel and hospitality business. Together with our hospitality professionals, we are working with the most charming task: we create happiness. We are building digital services for the delight of the travelers staying in S Group's hotels to ensure a smooth and delightful experience for our customers on their getaways at S Group's hotels. We also serve our employees who work every day on the field to exceed our customers' expectations. provides solutions for sales, reservations, pricing, selling additional services, registering members' benefits and paying the purchases. The site has integrations for several other S Group's back-office systems, self-service channels and 3rd party systems - not to mention its connections to reporting and analytics. We know there are a lot of dependencies, and the working environment is quite complex, but in our opinion, it only gives a nice and spicy challenge to our daily work!  

We are looking for an intermediate level Web Engineer to be a part of our tribe and to accelerate their skills into growing more of a senior in the future. Your daily work includes discussing technical and business issues with your fellow developers and product owners, for example. You will identify and map out different kinds of solutions and share your insight and recommendations and make architectural decisions. Most of your time will be spent doing hands-on development. Our tech stack consists of TypeScript, React, Next.js and GraphQL.  


What we hope from you  

  • Hands-on experience on modern web development and styling  

  • Ability to produce clean architecture to solve complex issues  

  • Ability to work independently and recognize what is relevant  

  • Vision on technical choices and willingness to share your insight not only with technical people, but also with businesspeople   

  • In work related matters you communicate fluently in English 

As a person we are looking for a true team player mindset; we work together and succeed together! In this kind of environment communication is the key, so we hope you have a communicative working style.  


What we offer in return   

On top of respectful salary, superb company benefits and the finest colleagues, this is what we offer in return:   

  • An opportunity to improve and influence the daily lives of millions of people  

  • Concrete and rewarding end-results, which you can experience yourself by using S Group’s services, when doing your grocery shopping, fueling or staying in a hotel, for example  

  • Influence and responsibility. Our engineers have a lot of freedom in their work, but they also live with their solutions, and so do millions of users too.   

  • Ownership. You’re creating services directly for the end-users. You’re not visiting a project; you own the product.  

  • Workplace democracy. Our ways of working are not set in stone. Together we’ll continuously improve the ways of developing products and services in the biggest private employer in Finland.   

  • Reasonable workload. Our supportive community with its great ways of working, setting realistic expectations and the possibility of hybrid work all adds up to less stress for you.  

  • An opportunity to gain know-how and technical competence in wide-ranging technology domains (like web, mobile and cloud) as well as business sectors (restaurants, hotels, online retail and service stations).  


Our Process  

Please submit your English CV and cover letter here. We would like to hear from you rather sooner than later, since we go through the applications as soon as they start to come in. Our recruiter Saima will be in touch with you promptly! Once contact has been made, you will have the opportunity to ask what questions you may have about this job, our people, and what your future could look like at SOK.  

Our interview process is comprehensive, and relatively painless. You will meet our recruiter Saima-Maija Rostedt (, team lead Mikko and your future teammates, to give you a realistic picture of what it’s like to work here. As with our working culture, our candidate process exudes a nurturing environment of psychological safety coupled by a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your compatibility, technically and socially. In short: we are good people, looking for more, good people.   

We look forward to meeting you!  


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